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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Games Day UK: Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre & more

Good morning people! 

Or rather good afternoon! Time is an illusion, getting up time, doubly so :D

Games Day UK

Games Day UK seems to turn out similarly 'successful' as Games Day Germany for the company, meaning that right now GD UK also only sold about half of the available tickets. Half of 2500 compared to probably about 7-8k visitors last year. I like the smell of success in the morning!

But this is not the time to rub salt in the self-inflicted wounds of the gaming giant, that will follow in Part 6 of our mini-series "The future of Games Days and Games Workshop" which will be out Tuesday or Wednesday this week. (Did you know that you can use the search bar on the right to search for Part 1-5 or any other content on

Masterminis' 1 week 'hibernation' for the greater good 

Last week we had UK painter Chris Octive (aka Monkeyman7x) with us, in our estimation one of the fastest rising stars on the miniature painting sky. We filmed his part of Season 3 - "Still secret title" and I can only say that his finished diorama turned out mindbogglingly well. Good thing the cameras were rolling to record this momentous project :D

Just see how happy Chris looked after a 15 hour painting session! :D

Since we were busy all the time, our mini-series about GD's and GW was temporarily suspended, but I plan to finish it up with part six and seven this week.

Birthday Bash Giveaway

We will also FINALLY get our Birthday Bash Giveaway rolling this week. Nothing wrong with celebrating someone's 1st year birthday 10 days late or so. After all, at 1 year, the blog is not likely to remember it when it has grown up :P

Horus Heresy Book 2 - Massacre

Spoiler Alert: A primarch falls
From a collector's standpoint I would have to say that the leather bound Horus Heresy Book One is among my favorite editions that ever came out of the publishing offices of Games Workshop.

And at Games Day UK, the probably also 70£ will surely be added to my stash - alongside with two of the upcoming primarchs (yes, yes, I'll give one away, alright!)

Book Two is called 'Massacre' describing the three bloody hours of the Dropside Massacre. It looks to be of the same superior design as Book One: Leather bound, picture inlay, metal edges and probably again silver page border thingies.

If I could have my wish, I hope that there are even more artworks and tanks and vehicles and starmaps in Book Two than in Book One. You'll also find a lot of Pre-Heresy rules for many of the FW models in these books. A must for all who are true to the Throne of Terra. BURN HERETICS!

Here's a quick teaser video on the book.

And now I am gonna rest for the rest of the day - it's been a very fun but exhausting week which ended very late last night after visiting a Björk concert. Ah, it's all so quiet!

Thanks to everyone who supports us by acquiring one of the best deals the miniature scene has to offer this year: Paintingbuddha's Season 1 DVD - "Target identified" :)


  1. mmhh..season 3 is secret... but what is with season 2? Have you already choosen a rough date for the release?

    best regards, Dellolyn

    1. We are planning for December, but season 2 is so epic that it will be very tight :)

  2. Hah although the season 3 mini is made not visible, you can clearly see it's reflection in the camera lense and i can say i know it's looking fabulous!

  3. hmmmf i see a pot of citadel color in the picture, you sure thats allowed by gw? ;)


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