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Monday, September 16, 2013

Games Workshop: 10000€ chapter hit's the 'store'

Greetings and Happy Monday!

Back to normal at

As many of you know, we have been very busy with filming our Season 3 DVD with Chris "monkeyman7x" Octive for our instructional DVD sets, an incredibly talented young artist from the UK. This week marks our 'back to normal' - when we finally wrap up our series about "The future of Games Days and Games Workshop" as well as our Birthday Bash Giveaway. This week we will also finally send out the prizes from the last giveaway - my apologies for the delay on this!

Part 6 of our Games Workshop Miniseries will be up tomorrow morning. The final (?) Part 7 probably on Thursday. Our Birthday Bash Giveaway will also be up this week, as well as some pre-ports for Euromillitaire Folkstone this weekend as well as a preview of Games Day UK a week later! 

So tons of stuff to stay tuned to ^^

Games Workshop's 10000€ chapter hits the 'store'

Our blog is pretty small. A good article gets up to 5k visitors, a smaller one maybe 1000. 

But I had no idea that this post would go to 30,000 views within 24 hours. Up to 200 people from all over the world SHARED & ENJOYED this leaked price-list in addition with the previously unreleased pictures of the new Space Marines. Good thing, we got some sources at HQ :) 

We even collected 5€ in donations, so we are now only 9959,75€ short on our own chapter! :D (The donation was more set up as a joke, but thanks to the two guys who actually supported us! You are hoopy froods!)

So, what will £7,065.00 or now 9435€ (price-list was around 200€ higher) get you? Well: Watch and drool: 

I will leave the dreadful task of finding out whether you actually save money, and if so, how much to some of the more fanatic guys, but it suffices to say, it's a sh*tload of miniatures for an equally large pile of hard earned cash. 

On Games Workshop's web-site you can even see the overview of all of the 10 the chapters. Here just one for reference, check the rest on GW's site, if you like. I know you like. I like :D

The organizational chart of the 2nd Company Ultramarines. Did I say 'drool'? Yes? Good. I meant drool.

Of course, very few of us will be able (or willing) to buy this set. Again, if one could save some big bucks and you got like a hobby club with dozens of members, this might even be possible. If anything, the Chapter and its company charts are a great resource for building your own companies! I got three Chapters myself, so I know I'll use it for reference. Cool beans. 

Here the complete list of all items in the chapter: 

This collection includes 1 box of Marneus Calgar and Honour Guard; 1 Chief Librarian Tigurius; 1 Chaplain Cassius; 1 Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour; 1 Space Marine Terminator Chaplain; 1 Captain Sicarius; 1 box of Space Marine Masters of the Chapter; 1 Space Marine Captain: Lord Executioner; 1 Space Marine Captain: Master of the Marches; 1 Space Marine Captain: Master of the Rites; 1 Space Marine Captain: Master of Relics; 3 Space Marine Command Squads; 2 Space Marine Librarians; 1 Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour; 1 Space Marine Librarian with staff & book; 1 Space Marine Librarian with Force Sword and Bolt Pistol; 1 Space Marine Librarian with Force Axe and Plasma Pistol; 3 Space Marine Chaplains with Crozius and Power Fist; 3 Space Marine Chaplains with skull helmet; 1 Space Marine Chaplain with Crozius and Bolt Pistol; 1 Space Marine Chaplain with Crozius and Plasma Pistol; 1 Space Marine Chaplain with Jump Pack; 8 Space Marine Terminator Squads; 4 Space Marine Terminator Close Combat Squads; 4 Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squads; 4 Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squads; 39 Space Marine Tactical Squads; 47 Space Marine Rhinos; 4 Space Marine Drop Pods; 14 Space Marine Assault Squads; 14 Space Marine Devastator Squads; 12 Space Marine Centurion Devastator Squads; 4 Space Marine Razorbacks; 2 Space Marine Techmarines; 4 Space Marine Thunderfire Cannons; 7 Space Marine Dreadnoughts; 5 Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnoughts; 1 Space Marine Sergeant Chronus; 7 Space Marine Land Raiders; 3 Space Marine Land Raider Crusader/Redeemers; 7 Space Marine Stalker/Hunters; 2 Space Marine Vindicators; 5 Space Marine Predators; 3 Space Marine Whirlwinds; 3 Stormraven Gunships; 7 Space Marine Stormtalon Gunships; 13 Space Marine Bike Squads; 1 Space Marine Bike; 5 Space Marine Attack Bikes; 11 Space Marine Land Speeders; 1 Space Marine Sergeant Telion; 10 boxes of Space Marine Scouts; 4 boxes of Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles; 5 Space Marine Land Speeder Storms; and 6 Space Marine Strikeforces.

I would need an estimated 8400 years to paint this set, giving my past track record :D

So let's all dream about this set. I dream about what would have happened if all 30,000 visitors donated us 1€. After Paypal fees, we'd been able to buy not one, but TWO chapters :D. And then what? 16800 years of purgatory painting :D

So, what do you think? Comment below!



  1. Its a PR thing if anything, and a successfull one obviously ;) the saving is about 9% though, about a thousand dollars.
    ( )

    1. Thanks SkelettetS!

      That means, if we buy 9 full chapters, we get one free?
      So in conclusion, the chapters is FREE! Where is my credit card?


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