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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

T-40: Operation "Infinite Improbability Drive" underway

T-42: Towel Day
It's good to be a nerd!

T-42: Two days ago, on May 25th (International Towel Day), I celebrated the life and work of Douglas Adams by carrying a towel with me all day. At least that day I really knew where my towel was.

For those who don't know yet (seriously?), everything we do is in one way or another connected to the Answer to the Ultimate Question about Life, the Universe and Everything - which we understand to be 42. 

Example: This video frame is 420 pixels wide. Why? 42!*
The video is 42 seconds long and so on...

*Disclamer: Why is not THE Question. Just A question.
T-40: A New Beginning

Season 1.2 & 1.3 shipping imminent

Season 1.2 and 1.3 are only a few days away from shipping now and all of our supporters will receive not only the secret stretch-goals with their order but also an email with all relevant information regarding the shipping process in the next couple of days. We are just waiting on one final piece of information before we can do so. 

Like you, we are currently patiently awaiting the arrival of the DVDs. With Season 1.2 and 1.3 our 'First Season' is complete - and 21 months of very hard work and much learning come to a close. 

21 months. We all know that that is only half the truth! Why? 42!

After Ben and Mati went on their much deserved vacation and everything is in production, we finally had some time to just sit down, stop panicking and think about Life, the Universe and Everything for a few days.

Workload Level OVER 9000! 

Sometimes we do silly things
to keep us (and you) amused.
Most of you would probably be surprised to see how much work goes into the production of our DVDs. Just to give you an example: The total work-time we spent on both season 1.2 and 1.3 is over 9000! 

Over 9000? What does that mean? Over 9000 hours are a little more than one year - and we have spent a little more than one person-year on the development of Season 1.2 and 1.3. (Luckily, we didn't spend over 9000 hours, but you know, the 'over 9000' joke had to be placed here somehow :P)

And even though we keep pushing each other's buttons all the time (which often are not labeled "Do not push this button), I am happy to say that we had tons of fun for pretty much most of the time. 99.42% at least!

The Ben, The Bad, the Beardy and YOU

Hindsight is often 21/21.
When we started planning what eventually became 'Painting Buddha' we sketched out a vision of what the ideal community-driven company, it's products and services should look like. 

We are very satisfied with what we have achieved so far - and without you none of this would have been possible. Period. We could not possibly thank you enough ever! 

But to claim that we achieved all of our goals would be a lie.

Actually, it would be bad, too, because there are many things we must improve on and after all - we want to achieve so much more! 

So this is what these 42 days - Operation "Infinite Improbability Drive" - are all about. Ben, Mati and I will have fun creating something new and exciting for you. And hopefully we can entertain you in the process. Our hope is that at the end of Operation "Infinite Improbability Drive" we will be able to implement our plans and launch 'Phase 2'!

So for the upcoming Mati, Ben and I discussed what we would like to do most. After few days of planning we decided on a project in which Ben and Mati can really do what they really would like to do most! As always, we will decide all details as a team! 

What both don't know is that I also promised myself I could do whatever I would like to do. So I decided that I would be Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox for the duration of the project. With official presidential seal and everything! How hoopy is that?

Ben and Mati think they got a good deal! MWAHAHAHAHA! :P 

And all of you who would like to have a say in what we do at Paintingbuddha are invited to tag along while we hitch-hike through our Universe! 

Grab your towel - boarding will start somewhat soonishly™. 


Any Questions? PLEASE post below :)


  1. Is there anything which could be more fun for Mari and Ben than to serve the galactic president?!?
    But honestly I'm excited what project they will be working on!


    1. Well it should be Mati of course... That autocorrection is a disappointment

    2. Haha! Mari... sounds much more beautiful and female than Mati... :D

  2. [Towel equipped] I am with you guys! Let's get it on ^^

    Best regards,

  3. It's all lies, I am kept on a chain in the basement and poked wit a pointy stick if I don't do what I am asked to. Help me out or send cookies.

    P.S.: My bucket is full.

  4. Actually, it would be bad, too, because there are many things we must improve on and after all - we want to achieve so much more! girl in pink dress , pale yellow dress for little girl , little girl red carpet dresses , mint green toddler dress


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