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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Russian Alternative: Check this out!

The Russian Alternative: Dwarves of Fire Canyon

Before you ask: No, we don't get sponsored or paid by the Russian Alternative for this kind of 'advertisement'. We just think that they offer some really hoopy stuff that you should definitely check out. All in the spirit of 'Sharing & Enjoying'. 'Cause that's how we roll :P

We've been writing a lot about companies who kinda priced themselves out of the market recently. Then again, there are companies and people who make me us think there's still hope for the nerddom. 

Great metal miniatures at an unbelievably low price? Now seems new!

Sergey and Kati Pavlov are not only crazy about miniatures themselves, they are also the organizers of the well known 'Winter/Spring Angel' in Moscow as well as their online painting competitions. We reported from last year's Spring Angel here

And they are the hearts & minds behind "The Russian Alternative". 

Their most recent release, the 'Dwarves of Fire Canyon' is a great addition to their young and growing range of miniatures. Just look at them. Beautifully sculpted minis on which not only their weapons are great! 

Retailers & ebay Store 

Some retailers already added their minis to their assortment - stores such as Battlefield Berlin. (If you are a brick-and-mortar-store and also carry these minis, just post a link to your store in the comments below!)

If your FLGS does not carry these minis yet, asking them for these minis might not be the worst idea. For those of you who do not have a hobby store in their vicinity, The Russian Alternative have put up a convenient Ebay Store

32$ for 10 (!) metal (!) dwarves. Including (!) shipping. I am running out of exclamation marks!

I am excited to find out what's next on the list of new miniatures! What do you think? You like the minis? What do you think about the pricing? Please leave your comments below!

Buddhaleaks: Tomorrow and on Monday we will 'accidentally' leak some exciting news about our Season 1.2 & 1.3 and what YOUR incredible support already has enabled us to do! Stay tuned ;)



  1. The Dwarves are really how Chaos Dwarves should look like imo. Had an eye on them since I first discovered them... Battlefield has them? Oh my...

    Looking forward to the "accident". So far I wasn't really in the two new season dvds, maybe this will change now ;)

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