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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shipping Update & Thank You!

Thank you!!!

When we released our first DVD Set 'Season 1.1 - Target Identified' we had 68 pre-orders and we were super-happy about it. 

Our Season 1.2/1.3 reached EXACTLY 420 pre-orders. Not only is that pure Painting Buddha style (42x10), but also somewhat incredible and mind-blowing for us. 

Your support helps us to keep going doing what we love - and that is to work for the painting and gaming community and help you 'be a better painter' in the progress. 

Shipping update for all of our supporters

Mysterious post-card included!
Since we received the DVDs on Friday evening, we have been packing, labeling, printing and signing letters, filling out export documentation in triplicates, boxing up your orders and sending you an email once your package was ready! 

We are working 20 hours every day since Friday and we are happy to inform you that, like Elvis, the first 210 pre-orders just left the building. You should see 'movement' on your DHL tracking by tonight. 

We are aiming at sending out the remainder of the orders by tomorrow. With a few exceptions (check your mail-box for a mail regarding your T-Shirt sizes!) most - if not all - of the orders will be sent out this week. The last remaining orders (should there be any) will go out Tuesday next week. 

Once you received your DHL tracking code, don't be surprised if it does not change for a few days. For logistical reasons we are preparing all the labels first and then process the respective orders. 

Our SPECIAL 'Thank You'

Since we had exactly 420 pre-orders we felt like we should do something special to commemorate this hoopy number...

Originally we had planned to raise the price of our "Complete Season 1 - Bundle of Love" - a collection of the season 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 DVDs to 90€ after the early beard phase has ended. 

We decided to keep the Bundle of Love at 84€ until we finally sell out! 

Season 1.1 DVDs are now almost gone - and there won't be any re-prints. So if you want to secure yourself a piece of miniature painting history the Bundle of Love is the way to go!

Stresa & Beeble・Babbles

This weekend, Ben and I will be in Stresa while Mati guards the Painting Buddha HQ. Follow us on Facebook for tons of reports and pictures!

Tonight at 7pm we have a Beeble Babble with James Griffiths from Infamy Miniatures. You don't want to miss it as there will be some world exclusive news on his Kickstarter (which starts tomorrow!)

The last couple of weeks and months have been very emotional for us - again, thank you so much for your support! It is your support that allows us to keep working for our beloved hobby! 

And now back to packing. Ben and Mati already look at me quizzically ;)



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