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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Travel Report: World Expo Stresa 2014 - Part 1

World Expo Stresa 2014
Painting Buddha Event Coverage - Part 1 - Pics !

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In the days leading up to the World Expo, we here at Painting Buddha worked very hard to get as many of our Bruddha's orders for their Season 1.2/1.3 DVD sets out as possible. So we worked till 3am, 4am, 5am every day and on the day of travelling to Stresa even until 6am to get the job done! 

'Bundles of Love' almost sold out - it's now or never!
After 68 pre-orders for Season 1.1 we hit exactly 420 pre-orders for Season 1.2 and 1.3 - for us an incredible success and motivation to become even better! 

Thanks to all of you who SHARED & ENJOYED our work with their friends and fellow nerds ;)

"No sleep till Brooklyn Stresa!"

Pics or it didn't happen! 

In Stresa the insomnia should continue and there was no night that we hit the hay before 2-3 am. But who needs sleep anyways when you can have so much fun with friends from all over the world?

So after we returned from Stresa last night, I sat until 3:30am again, editing pictures for you to share & enjoy - a 'black energy drink' called 'Heino' helped me through that. 

One of my personal favorites:
Vietcong Girl by Heroes & Villains
Painted by Pepa Saavedra
Pics almost didn't happen

Like at every event we go to, my goal was to take pictures of every miniature individually. When I entered the crowded exhibition hall on Saturday and heard rumors about 5000 pieces I knew that that was not going to happen :D

So my goal was to take individual pictures of all History and Fantasy categories and highlights from all of the other ones. 

3 1/2 hours and about 800 pictures later I was closing in on the last few miniatures of the History Masters category. 

And this is a true story: The next miniature that I needed to take a picture of was Ben's War Photographer - a bust that Bill Horan seemed to really like a lot. 

War Photographer
Take pictures at own risk!
So what can possibly happen to a photographer after you have successfully taken 800+ pictures already and the next miniature is a war photographer? 

Nothing, right? I mean, seriously, what should happen?

WRONG. CLICK happens. Followed by Murphy. 

CLICK - Card error. Cannot access card 1. 

Why? Because Murphy loves us! :D

Basically, the card was gone and all of the pictures up to that point seemed to be gone too! 

I was not a happy monk, if you know what I mean. Not happy at all. Especially after 3 1/2 hours of work in a hot and humid room, lifting a 2kg camera around 1000 times! :D

When I got home I tested several recovery programs of which only the ridiculously expensive actually worked. BUT after a few hours of recovering 99% of the images, it actually did work- so YEAH, take THAT Murphy! :P 

Pics here - More soon™

Why Miniature Painting? 
Because Friendship! 
World Expo Stresa 2014

As always you are allowed to use, share & enjoy all images anywhere and however you want! When we say Share & Enjoy, we mean Share & Enjoy! 

In the next couple of days we will write a few more 'first person perspective' articles about the show, talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of this extraordinary event! As always, "Soon™" - stay tuned! ;)

In the meantime you would greatly help us if you



  1. 'I was not a happy monk'... gosh I thought you were talking about the obscure stalker behind you just outside the pub door.
    Thanks for the report, mate!

    1. Hahah :D
      No, that was a VERY happy moment, Elisa :P

  2. Thanks for the report ;)

  3. Ah.. That Murphy.. ;-)
    I'm happy you defeated him once again, thanks for the report, and I hope to go to the next World Expo, it looks like an awesome event!


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