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Thursday, July 10, 2014

4:42am Shipping Update

A very late night shipping update for all of you: 

As you know from our many updates, we had 420 pre-orders, until now followed by 20 more orders since Monday. 

Since we received the DVDs last Friday evening we have been working hard to get all your orders out: I worked till 3am, 4am, 5am every day since, getting up at 8am again  - packing is fuuuuun :P 

No, seriously I think I might be getting to old for this!  :P

I wanted to get every order out before we head out for Stresa this weekend, and we almost made it. 

Of the now 440 orders, 391 are already shipped/will be shipped in a few hours. 

49 orders will unfortunately have to wait until the beginning of next week as I will not be able to finish them in time for today's pickup for various reasons. 

These are primarily: 

- orders for which we are waiting for your reply for your T-Shirt size (MEGA Deals, 12)
- some single DVD orders (13)
- 'custom orders' (12, many different items, need 'custom' packaging)
- a few orders with a Season 1.1 Budget Box (7)
- other reasons (5, change of address, request to hold until after vacation etc.)

If you have already received an email from us, your order is on it's way. If you have not received an order from us, please be patient until we are back from Stresa on Monday.

Again, my apologies for not getting everything out this week although we really tried hard.  

I hope with this update everyone at least knows what's going on :)



  1. E-mails (confirmation and shipping info) received on Sunday, however the tracking information hasn't updated since then, still says "electronic info received". I'm assuming the package has been picked up by now, but DHL isn't very punctual in updating their tracking information. ^_^

    1. For logistic reasons we have printed some labels in advance - but as of tonight all orders should be out :)

  2. Package arrived today and I zapped already through the first DVDs. The basing ones will follow tomorrow. And most likely a review as with Season 1.1 :-)

  3. DVDs have just arrived. Looks like it's summer for the deutsche post too. It took almost a week from your email to delivery.

    I really love both(well 3 with the 1.1) DVD sets.
    (biased) opinions:
    As I always admired freehands and wanted to do them, but I generally suck at art. The 1.2 therefore is just a must as it shows some needed help to make things easier.
    There were more than a few tricks that I'll use in the future.

    The base one started a bit weak. The making of the gaming bases (crackel-paint, woodfiller) felt, like you don't want to do it at all. Then the milliput one started to get interesting, but at the painting part is where it really shines. Even the 'gaming' bases looked wonderful at the end.
    The second comes really handy, as I wanted to make a display base for a small army. Sadly I've already done a lot of the groundwork, so I can't use the info from here for this project, but for later ones, definetly. Now I see, where I went wrong and how I should have approached it.
    The third is simply super. Just love how it all comes together.

    One minor question about the 2nd DVD of the freehand: could someone check the audio for the cables / kringelmeister 2.0 for the german audio-track? I think I heard english there.

    1. Hey :) Thanks for your feedback!

      The base DVD is separated in three parts, as you know - and we start 'slow' with some easy (but useful) tricks. And I agree, it gets better and better in the end as the plot unfolds :D We felt that especially with bases it is good to start with some 'basics' and then unleash the full power of basing alchemy.

      For the audio you are right. It seems that two tracks at the end of DVD 2 have lost some of their German mojo. We need to investigate what we can do about it.

      Again, thanks for your review and your kind words :)

  4. I just got a notice form the office that a package has just arrived from Germany... I am wondering what it might be?... I'm very excited.

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