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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

World Expo Stresa 2014 - Part 2

World Expo Stresa 2014
Painting Buddha Event Coverage - Part 2 - Links!

Yesterday we posted a massive library of 1001+ pictures from Stresa 2014 World Model Expo. If you have missed it, linky linky clicky clicky ;) 

You neeeveeer snaaap alooooone! :D
With over 4000 entries (some say over 5000 with all the judges display cabinets!) and a crowded exhibition hall full of miniature fans it was simply impossible to take pictures of every miniature entered. Having realized that, I didn't even try. 

But as always, Miniature painters are not alone - and that is why (as per usual) I started collecting some links to online galleries of pictures from Stresa 2014 for you. 

If you would like to add your own library to this list, just put the link in the comments below and I will add them to this list ;) 

"Talullah Belle" by Infamy Miniatures check
out their awesome Kickstarter right now!
Assembly of awesome albums

AFMS Les Ambarres' >blog album
--- 420 (!) pics of all kinds

Anna Shestakova's >FB album
--- 186 perdy pictures

AK-Interactive's >FB album<  
--- 119 high quality pictures,

*new* Benoit Laurent's >report<
--- with 1h37m37s VIDEO!!!!

Conrad Mynett's >FB album<
-- 104 very nice pics

Danis Kelesidis' >FB album

--- 76 selected pictures

*new* Dimitris Stamatakis' >FB album<
--- 53 new pics

Dreamit Miniatures' >FB album
--- 69 great pictures

*new* Platoon Britannica: Fet's post
--- tons of pictures and thread discussion

Klaus Dorn's >Picasa Webalbum
--- 73 misc pictures

Infamy Miniature's "The Toad" by John Keys.
(Coolminiornot for better pics!)
Legio Lariana's >FB album
--- 339 pictures

Pekka Tapani Nieminen's >FB album<
--- massive 423 pictures, with many cool vehicles

*new* Pepe Gallardo's Fantasy >FB album<
--- 83 awesome fantasy miniatures

*new* Pepe Gallardo's Historic >FB album<
--- 140 incredible historic miniatures

*new* Rafa Coll's > Blog <
--- his blog is generally awesome ;) 
--- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

World Model Expo - Stresa's official 
--- >Instagram photos (FB album)<

Round-up of ravaging reports

Sergeant Blackart's >World Expo Report< with many HQ images of awesome entries

And finally, here is the official List of winners (PDF download) - it is worth checking it in case you did not win anything as I know of at least two cases where someone won something without being called up on stage!

If you know of more good albums or would like to add your own album, report or videos to this link collection, just leave it in the comments below and I will add it!

Questions about my camera settings

I got a few questions about my camera settings for the pictures - so if this kind of thing is interesting for you, here the specs:

I love this piece - very impressive!
- Camera EOS 5D Mark III, 
- with EF 100mm Macro lens, 1:2,8
- or sometimes EF 28-105, 1:3,5-4,5 II
- ISO 8000, 
- f=~7-9
- AV 1/40 - 1/100
- Editing, rotating and cropping: Picasa 3

I prefer not to use flash when taking pictures of miniatures as this will often distort the real appearance of a miniature. 

I also usually use a tripod - this time it was all taken from a more-or-less steady hand :D

Alright! That's it for today - we'll have a few more interesting articles about Stresa 2014 World Expo in the next couple of days! 

More soon™ - stay tuned ;) 


  1. 7/16: Added three awesome new albums!

  2. Dear Mr. President: Count me in on the albums:

  3. Danke!

    I really enjoyed scrolling through these pictures, thanks mate!

  4. Thank you to include my blog.

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