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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bruddha Conrad's Figureworld 2014 Report

Figureworld 2014

Our first guest report from an event is here! 

Bruddha Conrad went to Figureworld, took tons of pictures and wrote this little report for you!

Thanks Conrad!


It might have been while chatting to Michael at Stresa, or maybe on Facebook afterwards, but at some point I agreed to do a short write-up of Figureworld, so I thought I’d start with a little bit of history.  The original idea was started by a group of us from the “Basement” forum (now closed), to hold a social modellers event for figure painters where they could see completed work, discuss ideas, show work in progress, watch demos, get feedback and maybe even buy a nice new figure or six.  The first event was held in 2010 and it moved to its current location Oundle in 2011 and has stayed there since.

So only a couple of days after returning from the World Expo at Stresa I was driving across England with a car boot full of figures for display and all the tools needed for a bit of demo painting.  Arriving on the Friday lets us get started with some of the set-up like checking the display and traders tables are in place.  Some of traders even arrive a day early as well all of which means that a nice social evening can be had at the local pub discussing the hobby or just catching up with each other, even better they serve a very nice cider.  

And this year we got to see a wonderful display of lightning as thunderstorms rolled across the country to the South.

Then it’s an early start to Saturday, sorting the wet palette and lighting for the demo painting and taking pictures of the hall as the traders arrive and taking an early stint on door duty although at this time it’s mostly traders and the show hasn’t officially opened yet, the few punters that do arrive being more than happy to check about car parking and walk the short distance to the town centre to get some breakfast.  So a bit before 10:30 I manage to get some breakfast myself (Where did the last 3 hours go … ), take a few more pictures as figures start to appear on the display area and then settle down for some demo painting which is in a smaller side hall where the visitors can rest their feet and have a get some refreshments.

For me much of the day was taken up with demo painting and taking pictures.  A couple of oil painters who have started with acrylics were interested in the blending options, another asked about the wet palette and I think in another year or so I will actually have finished the Greek hoplite bust I use and have to find another demo piece.

Taking pictures gave an opportunity to stop by the trade stalls to pick up a few pieces I’d planned to get and a few more I hadn’t.  Bases, historical, fantasy, paints, brushes, tools and books; something to tempt even the most battered wallet and this year Gideon Miniatures had some anime garage kits, couldn’t pass that up!  

I also managed to taunt James with Talullah Belle again, whatever he says it’s his fault for asking if it was for sale last year and any opportunity to wave the figure under his nose is just too good to pass up.

A couple of hours later it all seems to have gone quite well, there was lots of stuff to look at on the displays and both visitors and traders seemed happy.  

So after packing everything away it’s time for another relaxing evening with Adrian, Mark, Nick, Robert, Robin, Kev, t’other Kev, Martyn and Ross.  It’s a funny old hobby at times and putting on this show is a lot of work, but the feedback makes it worth it, so thanks to all that attended for the support and the kind words.

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If you want to write short reports from your local events and shows, just shoot me a message on Facebook ;)


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