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Monday, July 7, 2014

Last hours of 'Early Beard' Specials: GRAB THE BEARD!

Good News, Everybody!

It's still 7/6 on Pago Pago, the Kingman Reef and the Palmyra Atoll! 

Packing your orders since Friday night!
Secure savings & get free goodies here
To honor 'Timezone X' (that's what UTC-11 is called!), our EARLY BEARD specials will be up a few more hours. LAST CHANCE to secure savings and extra goodies! 

After all, we wouldn't want to take the chance for a good deal away from the Pago Pagoans! 

If you don't live on Pago Pago and still grab one of the final 'early beard' packages, we won't hold this against you ;) 

Double celebration

We started shipping our first Season 1.1 DVD set (which now slowly but surely is close to being sold out) about 11 months ago. It's been a wild roller-coaster ride of a year for us - and your support enabled us to keep going! 

On Saturday we had our 1000th order on the shop. Except for Antarctica, who is still reluctant to paint miniatures (frakking penguins), we have shipped to all continents and your fellow Bruddhas can be found from the south tip of Tasmania to the north of Finland, from Honolulu in the west to New Zealand in the east. 

The second cause for celebration is that we have reached exactly (!) 420 pre-orders as of this morning. To put this into perspective, our season 1.1 had 68 pre-orders. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your support! 

Operation 'Infinite Improbability Drive'

Also, today it is the start of 'Operation Infinite Improbability Drive' at Painting Buddha. 

In the 42 days leading up to this Operation, we have thought about how to make Painting Buddha better for all of you. We got some pretty cool ideas. 

In the next 42 days we will pitch these ideas to you and - together with you - we will design 'Phase 2' of Painting Buddha.

Granted, we'll be very busy packing your orders for the next few days, BUT we will start this process regardless. And we hope that many, many of you help us to create something spectecular! 


Tonight: BEEBLE・BABBLE #10 - Dizzy, Jeremy & me
What started as me publicly streaming Skype conversations that I have with friends all over the world anyways, turned into something really cool, I think. 

We receive a lot of positive feedback for the 'BEEBLE・BABBLE' shows - whose epic lengths (up to 3 hours!) is only surpassed by massive walls of text on this blog ^^

Best enjoyed while painting miniatures! 

Tonight at 7pm: BEEBLE BABBLE #10

If Dizzy gets her power back after storm Albert in time, we will have BEEBLE・BABBLE #10 with Creature Caster's Jeremy Glen and Dizzy Angel Demon tonight. A lot of camera refreshing action is almost guaranteed! ;)

Just to let you guys know how much we just love to talk to each other: Including pre- and post-show we babbled for over 6 hours!!!

Watch the show here

Wednesday at 7pm: BEEBLE・BABBLE #11

A show that will live in INFAMY. That's all I am going to reveal for now ;) 
You don't want to miss it ;)

Here's the link to the show

So now it's back to packing your orders. If you have pre-ordered, you will receive an email from us, as soon as your package is ready to be shipped. DHL will then pick up your order in the following ~24 hours.

As always, there is one thing that helps us the most doing everything we do. And that is for you to: 



  1. Are you still in the process of sending emails out to supporters to sort out T-shirt sizes? I also looking forward to watching the next two beeble babble's, I have really enjoyed each one so far. If I can pull myself out of bed at 4am I will hopefully be able to catch the live stream! :)

    1. Hey! Yes, the mail will go out later tonight - been too busy to finalize it today ;)

      And getting up at 4am for BB? That is insane! SLEEEEEEEP MAN! :D

    2. sounds great! just when you can, as I would imagine things would be insane there at the moment. I am getting really excited for this!

      I tried to keep awake, but only made it to 2am, I am currently in the process of watching it and enjoying it like always. looking forward to 11 in a couple of days!


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