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Monday, June 2, 2014

T-34: Easter Eggs, Space Babbles and a lot of Class

T-34: Easter Eggs, Space Babbles and a lot of Class

Granted, not all of the posts on this blog are about painting miniatures. Most of them are hobby related. And if they are not, they are nerd-related. Many of you like it, some of you don't. In short, is really just my personal blog where I write about things I like to write about. 

In our 42 day project "Operation Infinite Improbability Drive" (we are on Tee minus 34) a lot of things we are doing right and a lot of things we are doing wrong (or not at all) will be revisited. When we say that our community is our #1 goal, we mean it. Our DVD sets are just one small part in the big scheme of things - you deserve more!

So we have started looking at everything we do and we want(ed) to do. That even includes our shortcomings - and will come up with solutions to fix them. We'll do this publicly. And we would like to hear what YOU would like us to do for you. 

If you have any ideas, requests or complaints - shoot us an email! I guarantee you that I will answer all of them! What would you like us to do (or not to do)?

When these 42 days are over, we will have gradually revealed more and more of our vision for our hobby. And for us the sky is not the limit. Space and beyond is where we want to go! 

Disclaimer: Among our subjects in this post are such diverse elements as: 
- silly, non-miniature-related weirdness, mildly entertaining (aka "blabla")
- an announcement for Beeble・Babble #8 with the "Fallen Frontiers" guys
- recommendation for a painting class
- news about a new Kickstarter, a new online magazine and a private sale

Space Babble #8

Tonight at 8pm we will have our good friends Elías Alonso Herranz, Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes and "Adrian the Illustrator" in our live-show "Beeble・Babble #8". 

You can watch it live here - and as always we will answer your questions in the YouTube comments section during the show! 

They will talk about their awesome Kickstarter for "Fallen Frontiers", a Sci-Fi tabletop game with beautiful plastic (!) miniatures. 

Check out this trailer - for the record: I demand a full feature movie, people! 

Class Action

Our good friend Fernando Ruiz from Heroes & Villains Miniatures will hold a masterclass painting Seminar in Blumberg, one hour south of Stuttgart in Southern Germany from June 20th-22nd. 

There are a few places left, information and reservation can be found on the German "Bemalforum" (clicky clicky).

The workshop will be in English. 

Fernando is not only an incredible and accomplished painter, he has also conducted his workshops all over the world. 

Be a better painter! ;)  

Of money and Canyons

Our Bruddha Martin from (T)Raumschmiede  has finished his Redmaw Canyon gaming table. 

If you want to get inspired, check out this video! The other video-links can be found on (T)Raumschmiede's blog

Currently, he sells some of his stuff to pay the rent and finance his time at university. Check it out!

Speaking of money... In last weeks post about the many exciting Kickstarters, I totally forgot to include "Last Saga", a project by Nicolas Diaz from the UK. 

Last Saga is a skirmish wargame set in a sci-fi universe, represented by miniatures of high quality metal. 

We really dig the character design - and with the project already funded, there's no harm in 'checking it out' ;) 

Don't blame me if you back yet another campaign, though ;) 

New Online Magazine

By now you should already know the free Wamp "Portal" magazine, an awesome source of inspiration. You might also have heard about the successful Figure Painting Magazine

Two awesome magazines are good, but what is better than two? 42? That's also right. 42 is more than two! 

WIP modeller magazine is a new independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. 

W.I.P. Magazine is published by Maloma Games di Marco Gravina of Italy - the magazine is in English. A download will cost you 3€ - or 14€ annually (6 issues). Good value, I think.

The magazine is so fresh that I did not even have a chance to browse through it myself yet - if you would like to check it out, there is a free sample available on their site

Question: What is the product id for a free sample of WIP modeller magazine?
Answer: 42.


Concerning Easter Eggs (rated slightly silly)

If you follow us for quite a while now, let's say at least since December last year, you may have followed the frantic discussion on 'finding the Easter Egg' in our traditional "21 days of hoopy holidays Adzventzkalender" extravaganza. 

Question 72: "Will this craziness ever stop?" - Rick Denny
We had a lot of crazy and silly videos up in that time, many of them answering your questions to us in the "Answer-o-Mat" machine. There was a hidden Easter Egg in every one of the Answer-o-Mat videos

Even though I told you that the answer was 42, no-one found it - even though two of you got reeaally close to the solution! 

Morse code! Hm.... Well, kind of ;) 

For future reference, it is important for you to understand how complex, silly and far-fetched some of our thought processes are, and that is why we shall now a) reveal the secret Easter Egg publicly and b) announce a new Easter Egg for you to ponder over...

So: In every Answer-o-Mat video the "don't push this button" button flashed in the following sequence: long-short-long-short-long-short

Just to give you an idea to what length some of you went: Bruddha Florian studied morse code for 3 hours and came up with the word "KRU". He found the Kru people, an ethnic group who lives in the interior of Libera. 

Kru. It was a really good answer. But it was not correct, because it wasn't 42. I think if we ever design an alien race, we should call them Kru. In honor of our extraordinary Bruddha Florian ;)

long-short-long-short-long-short.... I also said: "Don't think in letters. What else is there?" Well, since 42 consists out of numbers, let's try this again. This time with numbers. Digital. Binary.

long-short-long-short-long-short.... Hm.... 1 - 0 - 1 - 0 - 1 - 0.... 101010.... 

Wait a minute!!! 101010? Isn't that binary for 42? 
It sure is! 

See? It really wasn't that hard now, was it? ;) 

Tomorrow, we will give you a real challenge. All of you will be able to find some eggs. If you can find all of them, however, remains to be seen. I am not sure I found all of them myself! Must take a closer look... ;) 



  1. I have just purchased the WIP magazine and i must say that i'm a little dissapointed: the image of the cover doesn't match with the actual contents, as a matter of fact the actual articles in the 1st issue are absolutely different.

    1. I have not had a chance to read it myself yet, but thanks for letting us know!
      What do you think about the articles themselves?

    2. They are not bad at all... But i think that it has too little explanations of the steps; i know that a word is better than a thousand words, but sometimes its better to have an explanation of what is done in every picture.

    3. Are you sure? The first issue's cover seems to match to contents for me. Or at least I found most of the articles.

      As for the articles: they are like the GameForces magazine articles. Some general steps, but no too detailed, not too many 'eavyMetal style "now I glazed with IceBlue" stuff (even though if you followed those 'eavyMetal articles you wouldn't have the same result, as the described process didn't match the studio paintjob at all).
      Partly I can understand it's impossible to write down the exact color recipes and steps, most of the painters who paint to displays don't use colors pure, and it'd be hard to describe the exact mixes. Same for used techniques, as most of them are going back-and-forth until it looks like. Then try to remember what you exactly did in the last 3-4 hours. :)

    4. 100% percent sure :), look at the cover photo above, it says "greek hoplite", and "chinese lady bust" amongst others, and none of those articles appear on the magazine. And the cover from the image is the same in the sample pdf from the page. But it is true that the cover of the actual magazine shows the correct contents.
      And speaking of the articles text, i like to read about why are the steps taken more than a succint description of what was done.

  2. Binary 42, so simple! Why didn't I get that?! Why didn't cleverer people get that?!
    We must try harder this time around, I'm looking forward to it :)

    Fallen Frontiers looks great by the way, I am already backing and will be watching the Beeble Babble.

    1. 42 is always simple :D
      Next one coming up in the next hour or so. ;)

  3. I've purchased the WIP Magazine to have a look through, considering the price is pretty decent. Unfortunately, it's a little lacking for what was claimed to be a high quality magazine showing works. Considering most of the value is in the pictures and showing the "WIP", the magazine was sadly at a lower resolution than I expected. It seems as if the pdf was saved for web & lower resolution viewing, thus you end up with compression artifacts in the images. It's not at a bad resolution, but for those that have the sharp eye and strive to create high quality photos of their work, it's plainly and "painly" visible in the magazine. Still, it does not detract from the fact that the magazine has some great stuff to show!

    1. Thanks Sabrina! I'll make sure I'll let Marco know about this, maybe this can be 'fixed' for future magazines. ;)

  4. Thank you! You just took a splinter that was stuck on the back of my mind. Today I will sleep with more peace.


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