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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

T-33: Big Conspiracy Theory

T-33: Big Bang Conspiracy Theory
New Galactic Order - when the world is not enough!

Just in case the title didn't already give it away here's a full disclosure: This post is slightly crazy and safe for entertainment purposes only. It's just me being Zaphod Beeblebrox. He'z just ziz guy, you know? :D

Warm up exercise: The Dollar Bill
I am a big fan of conspiracy theories, hidden and cryptic messages and the like. Not that I believe in any of them, but I find many (not all) of them very, very entertaining.

Whether it is the New World Order "Dollar-bill conspiracy" the fake moon-landing, or UFOs hidden in Area-51, I just LOVE this kind of stuff. 

We also enjoyed hiding the '42' as an easter-egg in some of our videos - and in fact the future will prove that there are MANY more hidden messages in many of our posts...

The Official Seal of the Galactic President

So today I will give you a new 'easter egg' to ponder over. What are the secret messages hidden in the official seal of the Galactic President? 

Today I won't give you any hints at all. Just shoot ahead. What can you find? What are the hidden messages? Search for meaning in the symbols, see how many you can find! :D

You can post your thoughts in the comments below or shoot me an email with your attachments of scientifically accurate scribblings all over the beautiful seal ;) I'll share the best 'conspiracy theories' and numberphile answers with you at the end of the 42 days of "Operation Infinite Improbability Drive". 

I'll also probably give you some hints or clues along the way. And I am convinced that you find things that even I didn't see yet - and maybe with your ideas we can adjust the seal to make it even more conspiring! ;) 

Here you go - just for fun: 

What? No hints? 
OK. Heeere: 42



  1. Replies
    1. Including the 2 numbers ofcourse

    2. You are wrong and right at the same time! Oh! The first item of interest!

    3. Ok, I officially hate you now. I'm gonna spend way to much time looking at the seal and you're remark and probably find nothing ;-)

  2. Well, 42 leaves ;)
    42 letters ;)

    Your are fan of Soplhin Universe and or S[ace Dolphin and want them to rule the world :P
    The seal itself is an Electronically Synthesised Universe or at least it's breaf map...


    1. Electronically Synthesised Universe: VERY GOOD :D

  3. There are 7 dots (presumably stars) in the symbol as well as a planet which I say is Saturn.. Saturn is the 6th planet of our solar system.....Now....6 times 7 is? you got it 42! Now i need to fit in the dolphin and a zodiac sign....

  4. Oh the dolphin..According to Douglas Adams they try to warn us of the destruction of the earth...According to miniatures it might be a signal for us that the hobby and the landscape of miniatures as we know it will change in a way we might not even think about....Or you have communicated with the dolphins, or Mati and Ben disguised as dolphins, and you told them what you are planning to do and one of them placed a dolphin there as a warning... and now i should get back to work.

    1. No, you should continue. You and the Dolphins are on to something ;) How much is the fish?

  5. I'm going to go for NMM to feature on a future DVD. I mean, look at the gold around the outside...

    That or some cool shimmer effect like wet dolphin skin :P

  6. This is too long for one post, part two will follow as a reply -

    The planet with the ring around it is Saturn, from where we derive "Saturday". This is the day of the Sabbath, and the day that Jesus travelled through hell on his way to being resurrected the following day. There are 42 leaves and seven satellites, which together make 49, or 7x7. This represents the number of hells multiplied by the number of deadly sins. The dolphin is the original Christian symbol of the fish, confirmed by the presence of the two large circles which here no longer overlap, but have been separated and placed one inside the other. In between these two circles there is the title of "Galactic President", which clearly refers to the pope. The reference to an office of the 42nd tells us this is the 42nd pope, Saint Boniface. As we all know, Boniface was the first schismatic pope, having been elected one day after his rival Eulalius. Remember, Boniface sits here between the two circles which have been separated and are no longer together. Boniface was known for stressing the primacy of Rome over the other Christian churches. In between the three bits of text there are three dots, representing the Holy Trinity. "Share & Enjoy" represents the excesses of the Catholic Church.

    This is the symbol of "The Most Holy Order of the Occult Lutherans", an anti-Catholic secret society founded in Germany in the late-sixteenth century. They disappear from the history books sometime in the early-eighteenth century, though rumour has it that the order continued on and was the real power behind the Order of Illuminati. As everyone knows, the founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, killed George Washington and took his place as the first President of the United States. The Occult Lutherans have largely remained in control of the presidency ever since, apart from a brief period where the Kennedys threatened to place it in the hands of the Catholic Church. Say no more about that.

    The Occult Lutherans are known for having 42 levels of initiation, or 7x6. At any one time, the final six levels are known for having only member each, who comprise the inner circle known as the “Higher Adepts of the Sacred Bridal ROom”. As their identities are kept secret from the remaining members and they only lose their position when they die, it prevents many ambitious members from rising any higher than level 36. A schism occurred in the 1970s in which three level 36 members based in the UK formed a breakaway society with the intention of overthrowing the main order in the US. This new society was called "GW", derived from the numerical value of the Hebrew letters "gimel" and "waw", 3 and 6 respectively. They combined forces with another UK based secret society, the “Knights of Temple Citadel”, and over the course of the 1980s they indoctrinated many young British males, before making an assault on HASBRO, firstly from a base in Baltimore and then from Nashville. The Occult Lutherans responded by mobilising an off-shoot organisation called “The Worshipful Mages of the Coast”, whose gathering of magic has thus far kept the OL ahead of GW.


    1. All of this well known to those who pay attention to these things, the question is why has the symbol surfaced on this blog post? Let’s begin by reviewing what we know. The blog is associated with a secret society called “Painting Buddha”, whose leader goes by the initials “MB”, which in the Hebrew alphabet has the combined numerical value of 42 (this is actually true) and whose name means “who is like God?”. Painting Buddha are believed to have been behind a mysterious and ominous set of internet posts which simply contain the word “Soon”, and their mysterious leader is rumoured to be behind a series of blog posts predicting imminent doom for GW. On the surface this may mean that Painting Buddha are in league with the Occult Lutherans. Perhaps HASBRO are preparing to absorb GW once and for all. Against this, rumours of a Painting Buddha manifesto abound, and those who have seen it claim they intend on giving back to the community. So it could be that this post is a warning to all the secret organisations that dominate the (gaming) world that their time will soon be up.

    2. WOW WOW WOW. OK. I didn't plan any give-aways or prizes. But I'll make one up for you. That is awesome!!!

      I simply love the MB - 42 connection. Did not know that! I suspected I was in fact "42" (based on the experimental question-answer coupling of "Who am I" - 42!), but I didn't know why. :D

    3. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you :). As an ancient historian I am essentially a professional bullshitter lol. For the record, if anyone wants to check the maths, the equivalent letters are Mem and Bet, and they are 40 and 2 respectively.

  7. Some smart guy on Facebook pointed out, that „ I read the planet as Saturn plus its 7 largest moons. The one at the top is most prominent and based on size (5th largest)I guess it to be Tethys. Tehthys was a greek godess and she caused Ursa Major and Ursa Minor never to drop below the horizon." thus linking the moon on top to Ursa Minor form the Hitchhikers guide. I somehow postet this already on facebook but want to share my stupid ideas here on the blog as well.
    In the Hitchhikers guide Ursa Minor Beta is the most beautiful place in the universe with the beautiful commercial: 'When you are tired of Ursa Minor Beta you are tired of life'. Since it seems to appear here in the logo it might also refer to the headquater of the Megadodo Publication. The president of Megadodo Publications Zarniwoop was known too be to cool to receive any visitors. This might be a reference to a certain Headquater in Nottingham which bosses also never show up anywhere and seem to be to cool to answer its customers please. The fact that the big dolphin separates Thetys from the rest of Saturn and its moons could be a reference to the Hitchhikers guide in which the Dolphins leave earth right before its destruction (Downfall of Games Workhop?) with the nice phrase: "Good bye and thanks for all the fish," never to return.

    1. Love this one!

      The reference to Tethys IS actually correct - and intended! Ursa Minor and Ursa Major actually play a role in the seal, but the the 'moons' + saturn have another interpretation (actually two more)...

      As you can see - it's getting VERY deep. Deep thoughts. 42. :)

    2. Hint: What are Ursa Major and Ursa Minor part of? What is another name for what they are part of? --> You will see it will come true :D

    3. Well Ursa Major is part of the big dipper. So the seven "star" in the seal actually form something like the big dipper. (großer Wagen in German) Extending the line from Merak (β) to Dubhe (α) reaches to polaris, which is part of the little dipper. (kleiner Wagen) which is Ursa Minor... well i will be thinking about this a little more and come back to this.,,

    4. By the power of "Google Fu" and some brainstorming with a good nerdy and bearded friend of mine we came up with lots of other crazy ideas for the seal... not sure if its all rubbish but I ll write down what I got so far. Maybe one or two things come close to the truth.
      First thing: Its clear now, that the seal is made by the Illuminati. This becomes obvious when you connect the dots in the outer seal with each other thus forming a pyramid like the one on the dollar bill. Saturn, beeing inside the pyramid is a clear evidence of the illuminati involvement, since Saturn is integral to their symbolism. Saturn and the dolphin being two, multiplied by the three dots, forming the pyramid, multiplied by the 7 stars also are 42, which is important for Illuminati and Hitchhikers as well.
      Comming back to the Tethys anallogy: As I stated Ursa Majo (big Dipper) leading (pointing) to Ursa Minor (small dipper) and beeing Polaris at the same time is a clear sign that points to the galactic president himself. Polaris being a "variable star" of the "chepheid" category tells us that: Chepheid is obviously an alteration of Zaphod.
      Next thing i found is the connection to the Nebra sky disc found in germany. the seal just looks like the sky disk! having also the seven Stars and the dolphin corresponding to the sun bark etc. Just check out how simmilar it looks! Not sure what to make of the Plejad analogy in both the sky disk and the presidential seal... I am sure there is something to be found there.

      The last big thing I found, after Zaphods Hint, was the question of what ursa Majo and ursa Minor are part of. Ursa Major and Minor are in conjunction with "draco" and linking them to the 12 tasks of herkules of ancient greek mythology. This could be a hint of the upcoming tasks of the Bruddhahood that need to be done to rise and make the hobby great. Ursa Majo, Minor and Draco could also represent Michael, Mati and Ben...
      Being all part of the Illuminati secrecy about Saturn and the black sun it seems clear, that the entrance to hollow earth is below the Headquater of Games Workhop and more secrets are unveiled if we go there. I just booked my flight to Notthingham. Anyone with me carrying pitchforks and torches? :P

    5. I will bring a duck to weigh the witches!

      Awesome, man! 'Big Dipper' and 'Small Dipper' are very good finds - If you see them, they will come!

      Pyramid? No. WRONG. But connecting the dots is always a good exercise.

      I will claim that I thought of Chepheid being Zaphod all along, because that is just too good to not claim. Genius!

      Unfortunately we won't ever be able to get into Tom Kirby's office as he is too hoopy to see us.

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