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Monday, June 30, 2014

Newsflash: Season 1.2 & 1.3 - Early Beard Alert

Season 1.2 & 1.3 shipping soon™ 
Secure your "Early Beard" special discount + goodies before July 6th, '14

Dear Bruddhas! 

After some delay it is our pleasure to inform you that we will start shipping our newest DVD sets "Season 1.2 - Freehands and Banners" and "Season 1.3 - Base Alchemy Volume 1: Earth" beginning July 6th, 2014. 

For everyone pre-ordering Season 1.2 and/or 1.3 until next week Sunday, July 6th, we have prepared a special 'Thank You' 'Early Beard' special.

All supporters who order(ed) before July 6th will receive: 
  • 28mm "Randalf Streisand" - collector's edition miniature; white metal 
  • a postcard for each season 1.2 and 1.3
  • a whole bunch of collectible stickers
  • a free "BeeSPutty Plastic" modelling clay sample, curtesy of BeeSPutty
  • early beard discount (yes, you save money!)

Season 1.2 - Freehands and Banners with Stephan "Derwish" Rath

Season 1.2 - YouTube Trailer
Learn how to paint free-hands from one of the best! 

This DVD set will show you how to easily create banners and free-hands for your own projects - both for your army or for showcase projects!

Together with our Basing Series, we think this DVD set is a 'must' for everyone who is serious about painting miniatures.
  • 2 fully loaded DVDs
  • Over 5 hours in depth instructions
  • 3 camera views
  • Audio: German, English (dubbed)
  • 9 subtitle languages(English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian)

Season 1.3 - Base Alchemy Volume 1: Earth with Ben Komets & Matt Cexwish

Season 1.3 - YouTube Trailer
What good is a beautifully painted miniature, if the base is not up to par? 

In part one of a five-part mini-series, Ben & Matt will show you all you need to know about Base Alchemy: EARTH. 

Whether you paint armies, want to create unit bases for your victorious units or plan to win the next painting competition - this set is for you. 

  • 3 fully loaded DVDs
  • Over 9 hours of base madness
  • Gaming, unit and show-bases
  • Audio: English
  • 8 subtitle languages(Englisch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish)


Without supporters like yourself, we could not keep doing what we are doing - and we have big plans for the future! We need your support!

So if you know someone who would like to 'learn to be a better painter' we would greatly appreciate it, if you shared and enjoyed this with your friends!
All of us here at Painting Buddha would like to THANK YOU for your support and we hope that these exciting new sets will help you to be a better painter!

Bruddhaly yours, 

Mati - aka Badsmile
Ben - aka White Rabbit
Michael - aka Zaphod Beeblebrox ;) 



  1. Can´t wait to get my hands on the DVDs :)

  2. almost, almost. ^_^ Just a few more days until season 1.1 - 1.3 can be sent my way in the "box of love".

  3. Hi,

    I pre ordered the Season 1-Mega Bundle (including 1.2 and 1.3) and Donation-Pact of the Bruddahood, I just wanted to see whether my order had gone through correctly as it is not showing up in the orders section? It should be Order Number: 982. loving all you have done so far and can't wait to hear what the future will see released.


    1. Hey Matt! Everything looking good ;)
      Thank you for your support!

    2. Hey Zaphod,

      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for the good news of how it all went through ok. No problems at all, I am happy to support such a great company as yours. Everything released so far looks amazing and I am sure this will continue on into the future. Lastly if I can steal your time a little longer (I am sure with orders going out on the 6 July, things would be quite busy for you guys), when I payed through paypal I left the correct address in the seller notes. The address submission area didn't allow for the state in which I am from to be submitted, this being Queensland (QLD) Australia.


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