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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

T-18: Sound Check

T-18: Operation Infinite Improbability Drive
Preparing for Phase 2 of Painting Buddha

Season 1.2/1.3 Release is around the corner!
It's not easy making DVDs, you know?

Filming the material for your DVDs is a very time consuming process. But it is nothing compared to the amount of work that goes into editing your videos and authoring the DVDs.

We invested heavily in filming, light, sound and editing equipment and even were able to get Matt Cexwish on board for our recent projects to help us in the video editing process. 

And with every project we are getting better, because we always learn new things. Some of the things we learn are painful, time-consuming and/or expensive - like the amount of work that goes into the sound-editing of our DVDs. 

Post Editing

Designing print media is so much fun!
If you add up the work that went into the production of our Season 1.2 and 1.3 DVDs, you get to over one person year worth of time and money. 1 Year! Since we were four guys for this project, that translates into a little over three months per person - or close to 2400 total hours

Quite insane when you think about it. 

But having done 11 DVDs now (six for Season 1.1, two for Season 1.2 and three for Season 1.3) I can proudly say that we have quite a bit of experience now. 

We are not only getting better, but we are getting much faster at what we do. 

That will come in handy for 'Phase 2' of Painting Buddha - and that's what our Infinite Improbability Drive is all about: Doing things better, faster and ultimately cheaper ;) 
Ben and Matt fighting over who gets the Stapler Gun
Sound Check

De-noising, de-bird-cheeping and de-watch-your-frame-ing the sound is one of the most time consuming parts of our DVD development. 

So that is one of the area we addressed this week - we sound-proofed our recording studio!!!

And we had a ton of fun doing it. Soft foam acoustic insulation tiles, stapler guns and grown men - an explosive mix!

Mati has won. More gun, more fun!
Great success! - The Drakerys Files

We got to test our new acoustically enhanced studio right away as we are currently working on a little project for our friends at Don't Panic Games (Drakerys Kickstarter). 

And what can I say - our latest investment payed of quite nicely - the sound quality is even better than before and the post-editing is be much faster. 

Great success!

Make sure to head over to Drakerys' Kickstarter campaign and check for updates on their Facebook page

You might find something there very, very soon™. ;)

Ben Working on a Drakerys project you'll all get to enjoy very soon™
Other OiiD projects

As mentioned before, Operation Infinite Improbability Drive is a project that prepares us for 'Phase 2' of what we want Painting Buddha to be - and even if you don't know exactly what this is all about yet, you can rest assured that we are working very hard on this project ;)

Fuel the Drive!

With Season 1.2 and 1.3 finally being around the corner, we ask you to support us and help us to 'fuel our Infinite Improbability Drive'. How? Very simple! Check out our DVD sets, share & enjoy what we do and tell us what you'd like us to do for YOU!

We are ready to HEAVILY invest in our community. Support us so we can support you!

OiiD posts coming soon™

- Season 1.2/1.3 Previews
- Reality Check

Early Beard Special & Stretch Goals only UNTIL JUNE 30th!!! 



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