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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Epic battles of boardgame history: Fantasy vs Sci-Fi

Epic battles of boardgame history
Sci-Fi vs Fantasy

Hey guys & gals, peoples & peepettes! 

Sources from inside GW indicate that their sales distribution for armies is something like 90% Warhammer 40k, 10% Fantasy, <1% Lord of the Rings. 

Regardless of whether that is correct or not, the ever-lasting question, the epic battle in tabletop-history is: Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

Did you know that soon™ we will find out - for free?

Fallen Frontiers vs Drakerys

Right now there are two awesome Kickstarters fighting for you pledges: "Drakerys" by Don't Panic Games and "Fallen Frontiers" by Scale Games (the guys behind Scale 75). 

Coincidentally, they both started about the same time, the both have the same running time - and right now, they are both very close to breaking the 100000€ barrier (one in pound, the other in dollar). 

Both Kickstarters are produced very professionally and both promote their respective games very well.

Both cost about the same.

At the time of writing, they are almost even on the amont of backers, too. 

Both games promise exciting new gaming concepts - and if you like, you can watch our Beeble・Babble #8 with the guys behind Fallen frontiers. The game mechanics indicated in this game sound awesome. Let me know if you like these kind of interviews with crowd-funding companies and I'll try to get some more interviewees ;) 

Epic battles of boardgame history. Who's the winner? YOU decide!

Who's the winner? You decide!

In the comments below share what you prefer: Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Or maybe both? Or maybe neither?

Who do you think will be able to reach the most backers? Who will receive the higher backing amount and why?

YOU decide!



  1. I think both kickstarters are awesome. I am backing Fallen Frontiers at the moment, because i love Sci-fi! If I had the funds I would back both!

  2. I'm on FF though if I had the money I would pledge for both.

  3. I would rely more on drakery as a game (not tallking about the mini as FF seems to be really good also), but strictly in term of playing afterwards with it, the experience from EDEN will probably serve better Drakery... my 2 cents

  4. I don't care if its Fantasy or SciFi, as long as the miniatuers are good and the rules solid.

    Also, the scope for miniature wargamers and collectors has IMO widened considerably in the last few years. There a quite a few historical games who appeal to a larger audience (SAGA, FoW, FoG), I dare to say: mainstream.
    Also the Steampunk and Horror/Survival genres are strong and still gaining momentum.

    I'm not overly impressed by either Kickstarter, but also I'm an old cynical fart. ;-)

  5. As I am an old Lord of the Rings player, yes such people are on this world ;)
    I prefer Fantasy over Sci-Fi mainlyy because of the "magic" and climat it can give to the world and characters.

    Both KS are avesome and worth funding. I believe that both wil reach their goal and even more ! But if I had to choose I would go for Fallen Frontires, mainly because of the climat of the world that they have created. I amy not like the Harvesters and th idea behind them, but it all matches perfectly.

    What I would like to see in the future are some Stalker or Metro 2033 related systems or a solid half fantasy and half steampunk system like a combination of Thief or sth like that - sorry for the digression :)

  6. I am more of sy-fi but this time I would back up Drakerys. It looks very interesting, and a bit different from standard games. I will not mention or compare models because both companies create great models.

  7. As far as a kickstarter goes, both companies seem to do an awesome job in getting the attention and (financial) support they need to get going. Its obvious that SciFi and Fantasy themed game ideas still have a strong community going for them and 100000+ dollars is a very good start for a small start up business to get the ball rolling.
    However as with all kickstarter projects its vital to make the best out of the initial money you get and lets face it. if a lot of people are backing, you need to deliver to a lot of people who are waiting for their beloved new toys. I think that delivering on time in the near future is the most important part of any kickstarter funded idea. As the marked stands dozens of cool new ideas are popping up every week. I believe that only those companies who can actually deliver on time and thus creating a lasting name for themselves will make it in the end. To be honest, I am still waiting for THE new and awesome Idea in terms of a new game that can archive, a high quality in miniatures, a new and catchy idea (Not the same old same old fantasy setting or the old cyberpunk sci fi setting), a working and fresh game play and the strength of the producers to put out more and more quality stuff over time to keep the folks interested. Its obvious, that this is quite a high expectation on my part, but thats basically what i want... Even though its easy to jump on the "I think Games Workshop is going down" bandwagon, one has to realize that games worshop does exactly all of the things i demand from a company i am willing to throw my money at. And hey, lets face it, plastic dudesmen really are only a first world problem. I don't need them, they are a luxury.

  8. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    I myself prefer Sci-Fi when it comes to playing games. For painting it doesn't really matter - I like minis that I like, no matter what genre they are from.

    I've been backing quite a few Kickstarters the last couple of weeks - I guess it's part of the working hazards that come with doing Beeble・Babbles, but I need 'back down from backing' because it is quite expensive if you back everything! :D

  9. Less kickstarting, more DVD-shipping! You said it would only be a "few" more days nearly two weeks ago ;)

    1. Hey Pepperpot!

      I just posted an update on our blog!


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