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Friday, February 28, 2014

Newsflash 1.2/1.3: Poland launches first Galactic Battleship!

Newsflash: Poland successfully launches first Galactic Battleship!

We have received so much help from the community for the task of translating our Season 1.2 and 1.3 DVD sets into YOUR languages. This group of extraordinary Captains and Bable Fishes sacrifice their valuable time to make our DVD sets better for YOU.

Translating 5 DVDs with over 70 chapters and about 18 hours of content means a LOT of work. And they do it not only for us. They do it for YOU! Why not tell them 'Thank you' in your language in the comments below ;) 

These exalted nations have named their ships: 

  • GBS Kosmojajo Jeden (Poland)
  • GBS The Crown (Sweden)
  • GBS Lovecraft's Sumptuous Madness (France)
We are still awaiting the names for
  • GBS Spain
  • GBS Denmark
  • GBS Russia
  • GBS Italy
  • GBS Hungary
  • GBS Holland
So while they are working hard, the least we can do for them is to make sure they have fun! 

Without them knowing it, by accepting to help us they have joined a game. Like we experienced from real life: the game starts and you have no idea what the rules are. And you have no idea what it will get you in the end. You only hope it's fun. 

Launch tube image of the GBS Kosmojajo Jeden ("Spaceball One", literally Space-Egg One)

Well, let's address some of the rules:  

Fame & Fortune

Captains and Bable Fishes can earn ranks and - eventually - upgrades to their spaceships.

To to earn titles, ranks and upgrades, Captains and Bable fishes can earn points. They don't know exactly how this works yet.

To baldly go where no man has gone before. 

There are secret missions for our captains. They don't know what they are. To give you a few examples, some missions names are "First Contact", "Plot the Course", "Pebbles for Land",  "It's a ship, Jim, but not as we know it", "The checker", "First Blood", "First in Flight" and so on. 

Of course, extra credits and badges are awarded for those glorious individuals & crews that unlock these goals!

More rules right after we made them up! In other words: Soon™

GBS Yamato: Missing since 2199
Where in the Universe is the GBS Yamato?
友達は銀河の大統領「Zaphod Beeblebrox」に私を呼び出しています。 
我々のプロジェクトを手伝うことができる、英語を話せる日本人たちを探しています。 GBSヤマトの船長が必要です。ぜひ、この説明を読んでください。() 
興味を持っている場合、 私にFacebookメールで連絡してください。
Admiral Zaphod Beeblebrox, 銀河の大統領 
(GNC Heart of Gold)
ベースの錬金術;ボリューム1;アース - 日本語の字幕はまだまだです。


  1. "Danke!"

    or alternatively:

    "Das war echt jut jewesen Jungs und Jörls, dass ihr euch freiwillig jemeldet habt!" (= Thanx a lot guys [and girls] for volunteering.)

    Best regards,
    Skyle (as always having no clue what the frakk is going on here... o_O)

  2. Tack! Svenska skeppet kommer att ta hem det här med så kompetenta personer involverade!:)

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