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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seasons 1.2/1.3 Newsflash: About Captains and Fishes

Season 1.2/1.3 Newsflash: About Captains and Fishes


Last Thursday we asked if some of you would be interested in helping us translate subtitles for our upcoming DVD sets Season 1.2 - Banners & Freehands with Stephan Rath and Season 1.3 - Base Alchemy 1 with Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish.

A few hours later I knew why I love this community so much! People were lining up for something that only gets them a lot of work in exchange for little fame and less fortune :D But they'll receive some free swag that cannot be bought anywhere - and our eternal gratitude ^^. 

Including us, 21 Captains and Bable Fishes have now irrevocably committed themselves to 'get it done' and have been added to a super-secret 'Captains & Bable Fishes' facebook group. A total of 8 Galactic Battleships have been commissioned.

2014: The Year of the Pirate

Galactic Battleships are manned and... well, I guess 'fished'. 

So with this post I would like to thank these extraordinary individuals who sacrifice their valuable time to make our DVD sets even better - FOR YOU!

Fully manned Battleships:

GBS Netherlands: Bruddha Gert (C), Bruddha Martin, Bruddha Jeroen, Bruddha Pascal
GBS Spain: Bruddha Volomir (C) +4 yet unnamed Bable Fishes*

Operational Battleships: 

GBS Poland: Bruddha Karol, Bruddha Lukasz (C), Bruddha Tomasz
GBS Sweden: Bruddha Stefan (C) and Bruddha Tony **
GBS Italy: Bruddha Giulio and Bruddha Jarod
GBS France: Bruddha Julien (C) and Bruddha Martin 
GBS Denmark: Bruddha Mikkel (C), Bruddha Bent 

Skeleton Crew Battleships - looking for Bable Fishes:

GBS Hungary: Bruddha Sas Peter (C) 
GBS Russia: Bruddha Dima (C)

Missing Battleship Blueprints: 

GBS Japan - よろしくお願いします
GBS Portugal - for our two Bruddhas in Portugal and Brazil
GBS Iceland - just because that would be so cool. I know there is one viewer in Iceland :D

I can only say THANK YOU so much for doing this! I know it is a lot of work and your commitment for our community will not be forgotten! We just thought 'let's try this' - as a form of experiment: And the response is truly amazing! You guys rock!

*  Spain has had so many volunteers (11!) that they need to do a raffle!
** For safety reasons, the battleships GBS Sweden and GBS Denmark are kept in separate universes.

It's not too late to join us!

If you are interested in joining our growing Armada and maybe organize subtitles for your country, chat me up on Facebook. We are looking for a full crew of four Bruddhas per Battleship.
Early Bird special still going on: 27€ pre-order-price, 53€ set price!

DVD schedule - looking good!

Inspite of many attempts by Murphy to once again sabotage our operation, he has not been very successful yet. We are only 3 days behind schedule and quite literally working day and night to catch up. ;)

We planned to have the DVD Editing done by the end of February and we are still on track for that. The release for the DVDs was scheduled for March - it will be very tight in the end as we don't have full control over the production process, but it's fair to say that - unless some major catastrophe sets in - we are in the home stretch. Soon™ :D

We will show you some of the things we are doing right now very soon - in some areas you won't believe your eyes ;) 

Next stop: Stretchgoals!

Next week we will announced secret STRETCH GOALS for our Season 1.2/1.3/Mega Bundle sets. That's right: If you already ordered your DVD - you will receive MORE than you paid for. 

Exclusive stretchgoal: Those of you who pre-order a Season 1.2/1.3/Mega-Bundle before we tell you what the stretchgoals are will receive ... you guessed it ... a SECRET stretchgoal item!

We are getting really excited here - I hope you are too! ;) 


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  1. As much as I would like to join the project and help with the translation to Portuguese. I am currently finishing my PhD and writing that is a priority. Maybe the next one if it is after mid April


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