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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introducing Painting Buddha's BEEBLE・BABBLE!

Introducing Painting Buddha's BEEBLE・BABBLE!
Episode #01: Creature Caster Jeremy Glen

Did you miss the future?

Chances are that some of you missed our very first BEEBLE・BABBLE. Chances are also, that you don't know what a BEEBLE・BABBLE is nor why you would want to... 

First of all, what is a BEEBLE・BABBLE? Well, as most of you know, my nick on the Interwebs is "Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox". And if anyone asks me to explain my ideas to him or her, I tend to babble for a while. Even simple ideas can be very complex :D 

"Beeble Babble" is short for "Beeblebrox' Babblebox" and is the name of a new online format you will hear and see more about in the future. And YOU can be part of it!

Meanwhile in Berlin: 7 Samurais slaying 50+ demons

Too hard? No. Derwish
will show you how to
achieve these results.
At the moment, we are still very busy with the final touches on our Season 1.2 and 1.3 DVD sets. As you know, Season 1.2 - "Freehands and Banners with Stephan Rath " and Seasons 1.3 - "Base-Alchemy: Earth" with Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish were scheduled for release in March and right now all systems are looking good ;) 

Stephan, Ben and Matt won a combined seven (!) Slayer Swords, over 50 demons and countless international awards with their work. So having a look at upcoming releases as well as the last remaining Season 1.1 sets might not be the worst idea.

A detailed update with a very special 'thank you' to our many, many early beard supporters will follow shortly. 

If you watched The Chilling Wargamer's show last Thursday, you witnessed a world-exclusive sneak peak of our Season 1.2 DVD set. It was our first ever 'show' and I can only say that I had a blast.

Good times. ;)

Painting Community V4.2

We originally wanted to launch our first 'babble' after we were completely done with our Season 1.2/1.3 , but when I heard about Jeremy Glen's (former mastermind behind Ultraforge) new Kickstarter for "Creature Caster" (which was originally scheduled for February 1st) I just had to get an early 'kick start' on it ;)

Using the latest PC-Gamer-Nerd streaming solutions, we set up everything in about a day and I think you'll agree that it turned out pretty niiiice! Great success! :D

Two guys doing what they like best: Eating, drinking and breathing miniatures!

To make a not really long story even shorter: I asked Jeremy if he would like to be our first special guest - and he said 'Let's do it!' right away. Awesome!

As you will see from our in-depth babble in "Episode 1 of Beeble Babble: Creature Caster Jeremy Glen", Jeremy is an awesome guy who - just like us - eats, drinks and breathes miniatures. He is a bona fide nerd who really knows where his towel is. Soon™ he will start a proverbial monstrosity on Kickstarter. You do NOT want to miss this!

"We want to be the Cadillac of Large Scale
monsters" - Jeremy Glen, Creature Caster
The interview is pretty long - but as I heard from some of you, you really enjoyed listening to the whole thing during painting a miniature! I would agree that that is probably the best way to enjoy this cast ;) Every now and then, I guarantee, you will watch the screen as some monstrous awesomeness unfolds, though!

I urge you to check out Creature Caster's website & FB page (see below) and follow it closely. The dedication and commitment to absolute quality that Jeremy embodies is of the kind we sometimes feel we are lacking from the 'big guys'. Support the little guy!

Aftershow impact: During the video we recommended checking out CC's Facebook Page and 'Like' it. And in the next 42 hours the page went from 1990 to 2142 likes. 21. 42. It does not get any more epic than that!

Thanks to all of you who SHARED & ENJOY the FB post - every Share helps us immensely and some of you are helping us tremendously by hitting that 'Share' button. :) We <3 you!

Creature caster contacts: 

Facebook Page < LIKE IT!

Did you watch the show? What did you think? What did you like, what can we do better? Let us know in the comments below ;) 

Who's next?

Do you have an idea or a suggestion on who we should invite for our next babble? Another promising Kickstarter? A painter? A commission painter? A sculptor? YOU? Let us know in the comments below or chat me up on Facebook and we will try to make it happen!

But wait, there's more!

Soon™ =]

P.S.: Recent video update on CC's blog from earlier today


Thank you for your support! 
Everything we do, we do it for you! ^^


  1. Its been a a really nice show! Thanks for producing it. Its good to see so much new and cool miniature geeking coming our way. I am enjoying it greatly.

  2. Pretty much everyone probably understood what Jeremy wanted to say when he talked about being the Cadillac of large scale monsters. In that regard there really is no problem.

    It might not be the best choice for a slogan used to conquer the world with though. Which may or may not have been what Zaphod hinted at when he mentioned the German counterpart "Maybach".

    When I hear "Cadillac" I see a 70's style car with obsolete technology, shoddy build quality and atrocious fuel consumption.

    If you drive a Cadillac you probably like Elvis. You might also enjoy drinking beer in your car and to throw the empty beer cans in the general direction of the pedestrians you pass by.

    That might just be me and my tiny neighbourhood though.

    The response of the German public to this official statement from Washington might offer a better indication of how people generally tend to view Cadillac this side of the Atlantic: "You know, seems we could not find your gold reserves after all... But instead we'd like to offer you no less than 10,000 brand new Cadillacs, of the finest American quality! How about that, huh?"

    If such a generous offer would not be enthusiastically received, one would clearly have to question the validity of Cadillac as the gold standard in this part of the world.

    1. Heheh.... During the interview that didn't even occur to me! I don't even know why I came up with Maybach :D

      But you are right. Jeremy's approach is to produce the highest quality large scale monsters - an a very affordable price - that the industry has seen so far. And I guess that's where the 'Cadillac' comes from ^^


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