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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For the Greater Good: The Chilling Wargamers & Creature Caster & Painting Buddha

The Chilling Wargamers & Painting Buddha
Combining Nerd Power for the Greater Good

What is our hobby all about? Well, of course, there is the love for miniatures. Painting, gaming, collecting are the three addictive ingredients. 

But what's really the heart and soul of our hobby is our community. Yes, we may be globally distributed with a few good nerds here and there, but in my humble opinion, the Internet makes us the biggest small community in the world. 

The Chilling Wargamers

World Exclusive first pictures of the Season 1.2
DVD Interface on CWG! More on this today on
this very blog ;) Don't miss it!
A few months ago, I found a network of extraordinary nerds called 'The Chilling Wargamers'. The 'The' is superfluous here, as 'Chilling Wargamers' is an absolute 100% to-the-point description of what these guys are all about. They love wargames and they are very chilled. Some of them like Chicken. 

Two weeks ago, I got invited to talk about Painting Buddha on their weekly Youtube show on a Google+ Hangout. The show is broadcast live every Thursday night, generally starting around 7-8pm GMT. 

Not only did we have an awesome time during the show (1h24m) but we continued to chill in Hangout for a long time after the show was off air for a nerdy 'after party' of sorts. 

In fact, we had so much fun that the very next day I was asked whether I would like to join their group of panel of nerds for future shows. Would I? Of course I would! Hello?

Professionals working for the Greater Good of our hobby. 
World Exclusive - as seen on CWG

In the CWG 'Painting Buddha episode', I shared the first ever public WIP screenshots on Season 1.2 (Freehands and Banners with tripple-Slayer-Sword winner Stephan "Derwish" Rath). You might want to check our Valentine's Day post if you want to secure one of the last few remaining PB Budget and Supporter Boxes. Almost sold out!

Also, we have a much requested DVD-only deal up (called the 'Bundle of LOVE'), to give you all of the miniature painting secrets at the lowest price possible. 

(CWG + PB) * (CC + PB)  = 3

For me, being on CWG's show was not only fun, but in fact a great test as we had scheduled our very own first show for the very next day. Beeble・Babble #1 with Jeremy Glen (Creature Caster) was a 'great success'. 

So, in one week we had a fun show with CWG & PB followed by a fun show with PB & Creature Caster. Let's do an experiment, shall we. What would happen if we combined the nerd power of Chilling Wargamers, the monstrous appeal of Creature Caster and some bearded hobo from Painting Buddha in one show?

Will we summon a Chilling Buddha Caster? A Painting Wargamer Creature? Chill with the CWG crew, Jeremy and myself this Thursday evening to find out for yourself! Oh, and we do answer your live questions during the show!

And since we had one World Exclusive announcement for our first appearance on the CWG show, this Thursday we have to up the ante. There will not be one, but TWO world exclusive announcements. 

And thus the empire was forged. Join the revolution!

BEEBLE・BABBLE #2: Fernando Ruiz Ceano / Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains Miniatures
More World Exclusives? Join Fernando and myself for BEEBLE・BABBLE #2. We heard that the first show was a great choice to watch while painting miniatures!

So check out episode 2, airing this coming Friday evening - I believe Fernando has some exciting news for all of us.


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