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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Newsflash 1.2/1.3 #5: Space. The final frontier.

Newsflash 1.2/1.3: Space. The final frontier
Mass launch into the unknown

I am just mentioning that, because you might not notice it!

And yes. We ARE a serious company. Always. Sometimes. Hm... at least occasionally... ;)

Well, maybe we are not a serious company (which we are!). But we make some of the best - if not the best - miniature painting instruction DVDs out there! And we are having too much fun doing it ;)  

So why not SHARE & ENJOY the madness?

Captain Julien commanded "Make it so!" and things went pooof

Captain Julien of the GBS Lovecraft's Sumptuous Madness made a prompt splash appearance as he assembled his Bable Fishes, loaded the B.R.I.E. (Brane Rupturing Ion Emitter) cannon - one of the cheesiest weapons in the Universe - and buttered up the Infinite Improbability Drive, which unfortunately is quite frequently jammed. 

Their battleship is unique in the known Universe as it is the only one to entirely fail at not looking completely unlike something that is not a Croissant.

Right before the Polish GBS Kosmojajo Jeden got ready to jump to their next mission beyond Hyperspace, the GBS Sumptuous Madness vanished in a puff of logic. They had successfully accomplished the first Mission before anyone else, earning both their ship, her Captain and his crew valuable bonus points for promotion! One Mission down, four to go. Mondieu!

Defenders of the Crown

Startled by the French crew, the Polish GBS Kosmojajo Jeden and the Swedish Royal Ship GBS The Crown IV under Captain Skellie hovered weightlessly side-by-side. Which captain would press the button labeled "Do not press this button!" first? 

Nobody expected The Spanish Armada to launched the GBS La Pinta, La Nina y La Santamaria under Captain Volomir, followed by the GBS Italian Avengers under Captain Alessandro. Just in time to show Captain Peter of the GBS Komondore and Captain Gert of the GBS Gouden eend' their taillights. 

Admiral Beeblebrox is still under the impression that the Galactic Battleship The Crown IV is flying backwards, but chief mechanic Badsmile of the PMS Heart of Gold said that it's supposed to be like that. 

Both Russia and Portugal could not decide on a name for their respective Galactic Battleships yet. That could possibly earn them an additional 10 out of 10 for style, but potentially minus several million for not officially pressing the launch button. Insiders claim that they will suddenly appear in the middle of Mission 3 or 4 and no-one will have seen them coming! Maybe the name-change-deed got lost in the vastness of Space.

Heavy Metal in Space

The mostly deaf Captain Mikkel of the GBS Maximum Oversatan is known throught the sector for his heavy metal battle suit and for the dozens of screaming groupies showing up wherever he lands. He messaged Admiral Beeblebrox that he had to delay his launch as he claimed that it was vital for his mission to replace all torpedos with barrels of beer. 42 metric tons of it, to be exact. Well, he's the Captain, and as we all know, the Captain knows best!

All of the Captains, as different as they may be, are confident that they will successfully solve all five Missions and reach the fabled planet 'Magrathea 42' in the end. And the first ship to get there will earn massive bonus points for promotion and titles. Until now, the Captains and their crews did not know that.

5 questions for all of you

We need the titles for 5 ranks. The titles we need are for the following ranks: 

<Rank 1> - Captain - <Rank 2> - <Rank 3>  - <Rank 4> - < Rank 5> - Admiral

Leave your proposals in the comments below - and it is not entirely impossible, not even improbable that something good might come from that!

Stay tuned for the next excitement installment of "Captains & Bable Fishes: A Space Odyssey"

Season 1.2 and 1.3: Available Soon™. Pre-order & save NOW.



  1. So I may or may not have borrowed some of this from various areas of pop culture. Also, I rearranged a tad bit, hope it wasn't set in stone:

    Space Captain
    Captain of the Line
    Vice Admiral
    Supreme Commander

    1. And if you have the xkcd Chrome plugin, that's Spaaaaaace Captain to you, bub.

    2. Also feel free to replace Captain of the Line with Cap'n Crunch. Both carry a great deal of esteem in my household.

  2. Think this is a logical hierarchy:


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Scrub Captain and Admiral and substitute the ranks, for the firemen out of Trumpton.
    Pugh,Pugh,Barney McGrew,Cuthbert,Dibble and Grubb, and Captain Flack.Go on Google it, you know you want to.

  5. Hmmm I guess :


  6. I finally did it! I Slayed the dragon.
    Disk 3, chapter 12.....what the fuuuuuuuuuuuu.......;-)
    Ok the ranks:
    Master & Commander - Captain - Flag Captain - Commodore - Vice admiral - Admiral of the Orange - Galactic supreme Admiral.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I must correct myself:

      - Master fisherman (with all these bablefishes floating around...)
      - Captain
      - Cosmic Independent Defender (it's ugly, I know, but "if I was not the C.I.D." ...)
      - Window Cleaner
      - Starfarer
      - Intergalactic space crusader
      - Admiral

  8. Rank 1 - Captain Soon TM
    - CAptain
    Rank 2 - AD - Admiral's Darling
    Rank 3 - TSAM - These Ships are MINE!
    Rank 4 - WcWA - Who cares who's Admiral?
    Rank 5 - Admiral Soon TM
    - Admiral

  9. Rank1 - Captain
    Rank2 - ÜberCaptain
    Rank3 - SuperüberCaptain
    Rank4 - TotalüberCaptain
    Rank5 - ThisBaseBelongsToÜberCaptain

  10. Ok, I see, I got it wrong. There ar 5 ranks.. o_O

    Rank 1 - Towel owner (Captain)
    Rank 2 - Towel washer
    Rank 3 - Towel wrencher
    Rank 4 - Towel dryer
    Rank 5 - Towel maker (Admiral)

    Best regards,

  11. 1 - Buddha Captain
    2 - Cexwish Adept
    3 - Komets Apprentice
    4 - Zaphon Fighter
    5 - Galactic Master Alchemy Tramp :P

    1. Cool idea!!! Really like these titles...But what about the
      SpaceMatisator? ^^

      Best regards,

    2. It can always be a kind of some Order or special rank ;)

  12. Rank 1 - Beneficiarius
    Rank 2 - Optio
    Rank 3 - Trierarchus
    Rank 4 - Navarchus
    Rank 5 - Praefectus classis


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