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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

World-Exclusive Newsflash: New Release for Heroes and Villains!

World-Exclusive Newsflash: 
New Release for Heroes and Villains!

Two nerds, one mind. 

Heroes & Villains' Fernando Ruiz Ceano
Some of you may have watched our epic 2h37m 'Beeble・Babble #2' with Heroes and Villains' Fernando Ruiz Ceano last week. I know Fernando since I met him at the Euromilitaire 2013 in Folkstone and we immediately identified each other as birds-of-a-feather. Two nerds, one mission: Grow the hobby!

I would like to thank all of you for your many messages we have received following the video and I would like to anonymously quote one of them, which, once you read it, will let you understand how that really made my day.
"Hi Fernando & Michael,
Hope you guys are both well! I suddenly realised today that I missed your Beeble-Babble event last Friday, but I found the link and listened to your entire conversation today during my morning and evening painting sessions.
I just wanted to tell you it was very nice to be able to listen to you guys shooting the breeze for 2.5 hours about our beloved hobby, whilst I was sitting doing it.
I was moved and inspired by how you expressed so openly the depth of your passion for what we do (a passion and joy I feel for it but seldom manage to express other than through my work) and how selflessly you are both committed to engaging and helping others without the typical preoccupation with self-gain that one so often encounters in the world outside the hobby. Of course, it was not a total revelation to me that you felt that way since I've had the privilege of meeting and speaking to you both."
- A mysterious stranger
I only can say that it was my privilege to meet this legendary painter at Euromilitaire 2013 again, so the pleasure was all mine. 

I spent a total of about 4 hours (probably 4h20) on Skype with Fernando and we had the best time. Both of us are huge Monty Python fans and I can confirm that some of the conversation was slightly silly...  In short, Fernando is a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is. 

And now for something completely different: 
Awesome new release from H&V: "Spirit of Adventure"

"Spirit of Adventure" by H&V
If you know me for a really, really long time, you know that my first competition miniature was the famous Yarri (by Enigma) which even got me Gold in a small local competition. I was the King of the World for a day or two!

This probably explains why I fell in love with what I call "Yarri's new friend", right away. 

Sculpted by Jonatán Monerris, this little Hobbit comes in 54mm scale but, like Yarri, is probably about 30 mm high. It's an absolute beauty and will be a pleasure to paint!

Check it out. SHARE. (And ENJOY ^^).

2014 - The Year of the Pirate

It is fair to say that Masterminis and Paintingbuddha are at least involved in setting two trends in the miniature scene. First of all, there are much more people who openly admit they have a beard now. Beards are socially accepted and have turned into a fashion statement. :D

Secondly, since we proclaimed the "Year of the Miniature" last year and the "Year of the Pirate" for 2014, we see a lot of other Blogs starting their own 'Year of the <insert here>'. We think it's great that people dedicate their year to a certain aspects of the hobby. If you cross the spirit and ruthless efficiency of true pirates with our motto 'Share & Enjoy' then we can only support that. 

As the eccentric writer Charles Caleb Colton once said: "Imitation is the highest form of flattery", so who are we to complain about it ;) more power to you!

Jonatán Monerris,
Sculptor of the
"Spirit of Adventure"
In the last couple of weeks a lot of people have asked us about which software we use, which equipment we have, what our 'little secrets' are and so on. As much as we could we answer all these questions. We promised full transparency of what we do and so you can trust that, when we say "Share & Enjoy" - we mean it! We are so thankful that others are inspired by what we do.

Your "Year of the <win>"

So we challenge you to proclaim your own personal "Year of the <whatever>" in the comments below. Tell us WHY this year is THE year for you and your hobby! And win the Bruddha of the Coast, Tortuga, 1668 (image above) - sponsored by Fernando Ruiz of Heroes & Villains! 

Workshop with Fernando Ruiz 
Blumberg, Germany; June 20-22nd, 2014

Fernando is widely recognized as one of the 'great' painters. His workshops have taken him all over the world from locations in Europe to Brazil, and the US. 

And on June 20th-22nd you can join him for one of his rare workshops in Germany. Blumberg is not that far from the Swiss/Austrian border, so if you are interested check the reservation list (English) on the German Bemalforum.

All the details about the workshop can be found in the above link. 

Disclaimer: We are in no way shape or form paid for this. Fernando is just a hoopy frood who we think deserves our support. 

Now if YOU think we could use a little support, too, then why not check this out: Season 1.2 (Freehands & Banners with Stephan Rath) and Season 1.3 (Base Alchemy Volume 1: Earth - with Ben Komets & Matt Cexwish) are almost ready for release! Check our 'Early BEARD Specials', pre-order and save some money!

Oh, and we will announce our STRETCH GOALS for pre-orders next week. Just so much: The sooner™ you pre-order, the better!



  1. As my doughter will be born this week I proclaim this to be the year of the baby. A miniature in some way but much more realistic!

    1. Definitely "Year of the Baby"! Welcome to the Club Tuff! :-)

  2. This will be my "Year of the Wandering Eyes". The "wandering" is I have a whole pile of traveling for work and fun while moving about 600 miles away from home permanently to pull off this year. The "eyes" is I have always had trouble with painting eye and no matter how many faceless horrors I have to paint with hundreds of eyes this year I will conquer them, or at least be able to pull off a pair I'm proud of.

  3. 2014 = My "Year of being spectator", for my daughter is growing fast (and furious). And my house will do so as well I hope. Today the big machines rolled up on our ground...Or was it a big Ork-Stompa trempling down the trees...?

    Thanks for your always entertaining articles. It is always a big pleasure reading them.

    Thanx Mr. President!

  4. It will be the "Year of the dvds" for me, 'cause that's the time I'll need to watch all dvds i ordered from you! :P

  5. For me it will be the "Year of the Lazy Bastard" blog that I have in my head. As I am a lasy bastard, that have no motivation to pick up the brush, I have started to think of my own blog to force myself to get on with painting. As currently I am lacking of "powers" to paint from time to time after a day of work... But the year of the Pirate and DVDs is also good :P


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