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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Space Hulk out on Steam!

Turn-based strategy game available on Steam now.
Mea culpa!

Space Hulk for PC

Yes, I admit, I am a big GW/FW fanboy! And I love Space Hulk! Some of you were so lucky to win two of my three precious, rare and long OOP Space Hulk boxes in one of our crazy giveaways. To compensate for the loss, I just downloaded the new PC game 'Space Hulk' from Steam. For Euro-Customers it comes in at 27,99€, UK is 22,99 Pounds (I think).

Here's the launch trailer for Space Hulk. 

I did not play test the game at the booths at Games Day US nor Games Day Germany, but I kinda liked the narrow, claustrophobic atmosphere of the Space Hulk and the camera options in the game as I watched it. As a big fan of XCOM, where everything is wide open I thought this would be a good change of pace. 

The Risk

The risk is that I like the game too much - and with limited time right now, I'd rather paint. :D The game is downloaded and I will have a 'quick look'. If Ben sees dark rings underneath my eyes when he comes tomorrow morning, he will know that it's good. I'll write a few lines about the game and whether it is worth it some time in the next couple of days ;) 



  1. My problem is, that it is a Steam game... Wouldn't it be, I definitely would test it :) Loved the board game and still have it here in my sideboard.

  2. I played a little, but have to say I got bored out of my mind after a few minutes. Game is still a little buggy, movement of Termis so slow that you could make a coffee between moves, Graphics are indie-game like... I guess online game could be fun, but I will wait for the first patch before I touch it again.

    I did download SCII-HOS... Must resist calling of the swarm and paint more! :D


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