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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GW releases most expensive product ever: 10.000€ one-click-deal!

Now, that's what I call 'EPIC'! ^^

First of all: WOW! 

We expected to hit 420,000 views around Sunday this week. My mom called me and told me she watched the blog go to 420,000 views tonight, 7pm CET. I almost missed it :D

You guys! Wow! Thank you so much for your support! Now we are a little unprepared and need to scramble for our 420,000 viewers giveaway ^^ We'll do that on our 1st birthday :D

Thank you all so much, we are excited and proud :)

3 days before our 1 year anniversay we actually made the goal of 420,000 views for the year - single tear :')

Thank YOU!

GW Releases September: Pricelist

Just when you read my lips: no more price increases in 2013... 
(See part 4 of our epic series)... :/

Full pricelist at the end of this article!

Raising the price of the best selling item in the whole line was too tempting, I guess - but it's all good. Just a few highlights, you can check the rest yourselves, if you are interested. 

- Tactical Squad Space Marines: 35€ (+5€ = 16.7%)

However: The new squad comes with a massive amount of 170 individual parts. 16 heads, 13 pairs of socks, 10 different backpacks and tons of other bits. So I think it's a fair deal.

- The Centurion Devastor-Squad, btw, is 62€ (I think that is a new price point, not sure)

Saving money - unexpectedly + SEMI-limited minis?

But there is good news, too! I have it on good authority that there are new set boxes for Space Marines which actually save you some good money compared to the individual sales!

1. The old battle force will be discontinued and be replaced with a new "Strike Force" going for 165€ with good savings.

2. There will also be a sweet new Reclusiarch command squad with Razorback, 5 command marines and a NEW reclusiarch that allegedly is only available in this set deal (which even saves you money).

I don't know about you guys, but I really like this new approach. Kinda semi-limited. The hunter awakens. Mwahahaha!

I know these are bad quality, but that's what GW uses internally.

165€ Strike force

Can I bum 10,000€ off you for "Chapter for Zappi"? ^^

Any takers? (Or rather givers? :P)
Wow. About 10k for a chapter deal. There has to be something more in there than just 10 chapters. (as I showed you yesterday, a chapter is less than 700€). 

So I guess a first company, a nice scout company, tons of vehicles - Robout Guilliman would be proud of this deal.

This is the MOST EXPENSIVE item ever to be listed on GW's site. A one-click-CHAPTER-deal. That's right, not a company, a friggin WHOLE chapter. The price tag?

*** 9.964,75€ ***

The Donation button, of course, is a joke - even if functional :D 
If we actually raised that kind of money, I already know how we would be using it ^^ Buddha spirit power activated!

Maybe Mr. Kirby will invest a little here, to prove he's a good sport - and maybe - just to see what happens :D

The 75 cents, however, indicate that you will not save a single penny by clicking just once... ^^ You know what? I would round it up to 10.000€ and tell GW to buy Mr. Kirby a biiiig pint (after all the beating we delivered recently ^^). If GW was really cool, they'd throw in a free Thunderhawk or two into the deal ^^

And the last good news (I am way to excited to think straight), color-sprays are back! At least now you know how to quickly basecoat your chapter :P

White Dwarf this weekend - if you ever buy one, this will be it!

I can't wait to get my copy of this weekend's White Dwarf in the mail (I am a subscriber and have a full collection, starting at 1 ^^). 

I think this will be one of the most epic White Dwarves in a long time - you might wanna pick up your copy this time!

Free T-Shirts and big Launch-Weekend-Events in hobby centers around the world! 

Some GW hobby centers, such as Berlin 1 will run a midnight sale for fans untainted by Chaos! All kind of games and events are planned (e.g., 200 point games at Berlin 1, 666 points "Mosh'n" in Berlin 2 and so on.) Check your local store on Facebook to see what's going on there. 

I also saw somewhere that there will be free "Launch T-Shirts" for orders over a certain amount (something like 168€ or so, if I remember correctly) announced - although I can't find that post anywhere anymore... Maybe it was just a sweet dream, so don't sue me ^^

In any event, I think if you ever plan to go to a Games Workshop store, this will be the weekend to go ^^. 

If you like articles like this, reports from all major painting competitions around the world or just fun articles about our hobby and on how to become a better painter - then you might want to subscribe, follow us on Facebook and definitely SHARE & ENJOY this blog with your friends. 

Again, guys, madam, thanks for your overwhelming support!

More on our 420,000 viewer Giveaway "B4G" and Part 5 of our exciting series about the future of Games Days and Games Workshop tomorrow. 


9880,75€ cheaper than a chapter -
and required viewing for those who buy one. :P


  1. 9984 euros a chapter??WTF??
    on the other hand,great article,as always

  2. Well, in this Month´s WD there´s no new of that.

    I got that new magazine and didn´t appear, so beware at the moment...

    1. One-click-deals don't usually appear in WD, do they?

    2. You´re right, no.

      But we need to keep calma these 2 days, there´s still a lot of information and keep sure not all is true

  3. Can't find it on the webstore either...

    1. Pre-orders start on Saturday, August 31st.
      This is just the list the stores got from HQ.

  4. So... price for codex goes up as well if I'm seeing this correct.

    1. It looks like it. I heard, though, that it is MASSIVE.

  5. Ya, know that Army Painter has Colored Primers that match GW chapter colors. GW has finally decided to try to capture some of that cash for themselves.

    1. GW had the color paints way before Army Painter. GW discontinued them a while back.

    2. which was a stupid move, now it's a bit too late. Most people eith use ArmyPainter or simply colored sprays from other outlets.

      10k for a chapter... question is how much extra would it cost to get it painted to a good TTQ+ standard? :)

  6. Thank you very much for this blog post, it was a pleasure to read.

  7. This is probably the white dwarf I'm least likely to buy.

  8. LOL. Someone actually donated us 1€!
    Thanks PAWEL! That made our day! :D :D :D

    9963,75€ to go :P This post got 14k views so far. I need everyone to come BACK! ^^

  9. Yeah, for this amazing price, does they give you the codex? ^^

  10. Is that the actual picture up at top for the one click deal?

  11. If my calculation is correct you would need around 260 euros to buy everything that is in the strike force. So you save around 100 euros by buying the strike force! Is there a problem with my calculation or will Games Workshop really release something *cheap*?!


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