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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Games Day 2013 - Our GD US & GD Germany entries!

There and back again...

Three weeks. Two Games Days. One goal: To have maximum FUN!

Wow - what an absolute crazy few weeks we had! First, of course, the release of our first ever Miniature Painting 6-disk DVD Sets. So many of you supported our cause by ordering their sets - Thank you so much! The many positive reviews spread like a wildfire - and for the first time we actually think we might sell out eventually! 

Reports on Games Day US and Germany

Under 50 people at 10 o'clock at GD Germany.
Usually there were over nine, uh, I mean one thousand.
I know, we are still a few posts short on closing these events (we will have a wrap-up post for both GD US and GD Germany) and I also promised a few artist spotlights. None of these are forgotten - we just simply did not have the time finishing them yet. 

I am sure that we can close both Games Days by this week - and then concentrate on the next big event: Games Day UK!

Likely tomorrow I will post a - what I consider to be - very interesting resume about the Games Days in both countries. These were the first Games Days with the 'help' of GW HQ's restrictive "Games Day Codex" - and if you like to hear about this and the uncertain future of Games Days in general, you don't want to miss this!

Our glorious Games Day - Golden Demon entries!

Mati, our sculptor, painted more miniatures for GD Germany than me - and he really never paints! Still got Finalist for both his entries, even though he ended up only receiving one medal. 

I was too busy to really finish my dream-projects - and my Lizardmen Slaan "Lord Kroak" received a Finalist in US where he was 90% finished - and now another one in Germany at around 95% finished. I am very happy with that - as that was all I could do in 40 degrees Centigrade in my hobby room ^^. A total of four finalist pins for US (3) and Germany (1) made me a very happy camper, though. 

And this heavy white-metal half-price bargain from 10 years ago is now out of my way :D

Ben's gorgeous WHFB Nurgle unit. Painted in a day -
and took GOLD! This guy amazes me every day.
For Ben Komets, our "White Rabbit", this was a very special Golden Demon. It marked his 10 year anniversary for competing in this awesome event. He also did not have enough time as we were so busy with our DVD sets (which btw. feature Ben himself and another painting legend, Rafa "Volomir" García Marín). 

Ben did not attack the coveted Slayer Sword this year, he wanted to celebrate his anniversary by finishing 11 entries in 11 days (1 day = one day preparation, one day painting). But again, our crazy schedule for the last couple of weeks cut that down a little. 

If you see his entries though, one can only admire his skill and speed. 
  • WHFB Single: Lietpold the Black. Painted in 1 1/2 days.
    Finalist and almost "Best of Forgeworld"
  • Open Category, 2nd hardest category at the event (after monster):
    Gobbo - painted in a day - Finalist (beautiful, too!)
  • Nurgle Flying thingy ("McFly")
    Painted in two days: BRONZE. 
  • WHFB unit:
    Painted in a day: GOLD
  • Well, the US GD project for diorama was a little different:
    Built in 2 1/2 months, painted in about 10 days: GOLD. 
If any of you aspire to paint like Mati or myself, really, there is nothing you need to do. I recommend playing Borderland 2. 

If, however, you would like to learn how Ben work's his magic (or Volomir, who took Gold and Silver at the Games Day) may we interest you in our DVD Set? Six full disks in a DVD Collectors box AND two 54mm miniatures come at an insanely low 42€ per "Budget Box". The fun- and goodie-packed "Supporter Box" only costs you 84€. We think this is one of the best deals on this planet right now, maybe even in our neck of the milky way. 

Here's our GD US & Germany Entries video. SHARE & ENJOY :D

CMON Links

Here my Lord Kroak. What can I say. I am not an artist :D

- Nurgle Plague Bearer Unit
- Nurgle-Drone McFly
- The Black Gobbo
- Lietpold the (not so) Black

- Tau Diorama
--- Overview 1
--- Overview 2
--- Details Titan

--- Details Camp
--- Details Jungle

See you tomorrow! Have a great night / day / morning, wherever you are!

BTW: You know what I am gonna do now? I will PAINT! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *lightning* *thunder* 

Be AFRAID UK, be VERY afraid :D


  1. hey guys i love the video, truly inspiring stuff. well done on the demons and medals and im loving the reports. Hope to meet you at i must go paint!!!!

    1. I started my first GD UK Project yesterday as well. Only 6 weeks left :D See you there!


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