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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paintingbuddha DVD Set: Quick Update

Hey everyone! 

We interrupt our Games Day US coverage for a quick update on our Season 1.1 DVD sets, the store and your orders: 

Order Status 

Will YOU find the Buddha Ticket?
The first 100 packages have been sent out last week and many of you have received them already. We hope you all enjoy the sets as much as we enjoyed making them :) 

We have received a mindbogglingly large amount of orders over the weekend - and we can't tell you in words how grateful we are for all of your support! We will continue to send out packages every day, but we estimate that it will take us until Monday or maybe Tuesday next week to get the last of the current orders out to you! We will work throughout the weekend to get your orders out as quickly as possible!

Again, thank you so much for your support! 

When your item has been shipped, we will send you a 'status update' email from the store. All European orders are sent out via DHL including a tracking code. All 'World' orders are sent out 'recorded', i.e., you need to sign for receiving it. Upon request, we will add a trackable DHL package for the 'World', but be warned: These are insanely expensive. Alas, there is a way to lower your shipping cost Memphis blues: 

Saving on Shipping & Handling

Sending the Painting Buddha from Berlin to the world!
Many of you have asked about the S&H cost. For Europe we have a flat-rate fee of 10€. Shipping outside of Germany costs us 10,60€. Sending outside of Europe costs 17,50€ recorded. 

We will fine-tune our shipping costs in the future and through setting up a corporate account with DHL (sounds so cool for a company that works out of a living room that has been converted into an office :D), we also work on lowering the shipping costs permanently. Rest assured that we do not want to make money on S&H. 

A very simple way to safe on S&H is this:

Simply combine some orders with your friends! Orders over 168€ (don't ask :D) are free of shipping and handling! That's the equivalent of only two supporter boxes or four budget boxes!

Upgrade Package

The Upgrade Package for the Budget Box to the Supporter Box is only available until your order has been sent (which will be a few days now). Once your status in the store has changed from 'open' you cannot upgrade your order anymore. We will take the Upgrade Item down on Sunday. 

Paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirt news

XXXL T-Shirts available now

For some reason the T-Shirt orders that come with the Supporter Box favor the XXL side of the scale, while we still have a ton of S-sized-shirts available. 

While this makes me feel good about my own size, we have already ordered new shirts in order to avoid shortages. We expect to receive the re-order in about 10 days. 

We changed the brand (same quality, hand-printed, fairtrade, earth positive) - but this new supplier also has shirts available in 3XL, as many of you have asked whether we have that size available as well. 

4XL is and will not be available, sorry guys. :( 

Girlie shirt orders

The girlie shirts are availabe in S, M and L. They will be printed with our re-order and should be ready in about 10 days. We will put a few in stock so that future orders won't have to wait on custom printed shirts ;)

Guys, do you have a birthday / anniversary / X-mas present for your girl yet? 
*hint, hint*

OK, but now back to writing our Games Day US 2013 articles. Should be up in a few hours ^^.

Stay hoopy!


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