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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Free Vehicle-Painting Workshop Giveaway in Göppingen, Germany!

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Vehicle-Painting Workshop Giveaway 8/30-9/1

Awesome looking Predator by Farbfanatiker
My buddy Martin "Farbfanatiker" Klug and his lovely girlfriend Lisa spent the weekend at my place, denying me my sufficient dose of beauty-sleep ^^

This Friday through Sunday (August 30-Sept 1), Martin is running his first "introduction to vehicle painting & weathering workshop". The Workshop will take place in Göppingen and will be held in German. All details can be seen on the German Forum "Das Bemalforum".

Spaces available, Airbrush required

The workshop is not sold out yet, which guarantees a very intensive and focused workshop atmosphere. Last minute participants can register on the above mentioned link. 

Since Vehicle Painting and weathering will be taught using an Airbrush, all participants are required to bring their own compressor & airbrush to the workshop. 


Martin would like to give one slot away to a happy winner - for free. So if you are available between August 30 and September 1, would be available to go to Göppingen and have the necessary equipment, you can send Martin & his team a message on their Facebook Page (T)raumschmiede ("Dream Forge"). Martin will draw and inform the lucky winner by Wednesday THIS week! 

Farbfanatiker's (T)raumschmiede
If you can't make it to the workshop, I got this for you: Martin, Klaus ("Begbie") and Lukas ("Bloodmaster") have started their own blog, which I gladly recommend to you. Good tutorials, charity events and generally crazy fun will await you! 

Remember, Blogs are like Pokemon - You gotta catch them all! :D

If you know anyone who you think would like to attend to the workshop: 



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