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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Painter's Horoscope - September 2012

 Aries / Widder

Mars has left Aries' house of couples, where it didn't really make a happy pair with Saturn. That being said, the later half of September will bring you clarity. You will suddenly understand techniques you never dreamed of. 

Your color is blue.

You will be, too, as you realize your insight comes too late for a big event.
 Taurus / Stier

The ruler of your sign, Venus, will overflow with passion in Leo, the Sun will burn in your house of sensuality, and Mars will "play with fire" in your house of couples! 

In Short: You are on fire, dude! Your color is soooooo red.

End of September there is a chance to go down in a blaze of glory.
 Gemini / Zwillinge

Venus in Leo makes September 2012 your favorite: You feel strongly connected to communication, trips and information. 

You should visit at least one miniature event or workshop this month - great things will come from it. Maybe even l.o.v.e.?

Your color is yellow.
 Cancer / Krebs

September will bring unexpected income for you! You'll do as well when it comes to intellectual, commercial or creative-artistic matters. Ebay calls you.

However, all will come with a taste of disappointment - is there more to painting than this?

Your color is dark green.
 Leo / Löwe

On September 6th 2012, Venus will step into Leo. It'll be by your side until October 3rd, in which period it'll spoil you with its precious gifts.

You will fall in love with something new. But you must search the new first!

You will do very well in group events this month. 

Your color is Shiny Silver.
 Virgo / Jungfrau

Because the Sun and Mercury (which is the ruler of Virgo) are in your sign, your personality and physical advantages will be highly marked. Your appetite for fame will be satisfied.

You must finish a competition miniature this month and victory will sure be yours. 

Your colors are purple with golden stars. 
 Libra / Waage

Both Venus and Mars will be in stable positions that don't foreshadow too many changes for you. 

If you are a great painter, thats cool. If not, it sucks. But longlasting success will come from international corporations and trips abroad. 

Your colors are dried up. Buy new ones.

 Scorpio / Skorpion

Mars in Scorpio will motivate and energize you. In September 2012 you'll focus on your profession, have clear objectives, energy, ambition and initiative. 

If you pull things together, a big event at the end of September or the beginning of October will turn out fantastic. 

Your colors are blue and orange.
 Sagittarius / Schütze

You'll be very enthusiastic, but not in a top shape as far as painting is concerned. Take a step back and take a deep long breath before you ruin your work with over-eagerness. 

Beware of sharp modelling knives.
Beware of tweezers.
Beware of pointy things in general.
Beware of.... ah, just be careful, get it?

Your colors are white and red-orange. 
 Capricorn / Steinbock

September 2012 will finally be the last month that Saturn will spend in Libra, meaning the last month of hard work, obstacles and constraints in painting. Jupiter already has some big plans for you. 

At the end of September, pick up your brush. And dont stop painting until your fingers bleed! 

Your colors are waiting for you.
 Aquarius / Wasserman

You'll be the most fortunate painter of the zodiac in September 2012! You feel the need to test your skill in a competition - maybe even a one-on-one battle of the brushes!

Everything you do will turn out fantastic.

You can choose any color you want, you lucky bastard! The stars said so!
 Pisces / Fische

Things stay the way they are - and you are happy with it.

Challenging yourself might get you out of your comfort zone. Try something you have never tried before. A freehand. Oils. Crazy bases. 

Your colors are grey. All of them. You should REALLY challenge yourself.

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