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Monday, September 24, 2012

Games Day 2012 UK - Link Collection

Greetings y'all!

It's late, I just got back from the UK - but I won't leave you with at least all I know about the GD UK...

I will write a more detailed review about everything that happened tomorrow, including the german translation - right now I am just beat :) 

So let's get the GD UK 2012 Link Collection started: Coverage

masterminis' Award Ceremony video (youtube)
masterminis' Pre-GD-Dinner photos
masterminis' Golden Demon Entries (no finalists)
masterminis' Golden Demon Entries (finalists only)

Other coverage
*new* Runebrush's Pictures
Tartan Paint Studios' Blog
DFB Studio's Blog
Toyznthehood's Blog
Volomir's Blog
Arek23's photobucket

Please consider subscribing - its been a long day :D
And please leave a comment - so I got something to do in the morning :D

Please share the link to this page, not to the individual albums as the link list will be constantly updated!. Thank you :) 


  1. Picasaweb Links are not working...

    1. I must have messed something up last night... Too tired.
      But now the links are working :)

  2. Thanks for all the work, you made.
    I hope, you had a great weekend in uk and not only nade pics and movies! ;)

  3. The Links don't work for me as well...

  4. Thanks for adding this. Pictures look quite good and they take away a bit of the pain of missing this years GD.
    After last year, me and a couple of friends decided that GD UK wasn't worth the trouble anymore...
    But it looks like we were wrong. This years edition looks like it was great.....ANGRON :-D!
    But as I said, thanks for being the perfect pain killer.



    1. I always go with the intent to meet people - thats the fun part. And as such its always worth it :D

      Maybe see you next year? Also at the Pre-GD-Dinner? ;)

  5. OK. After a night of coma sleep I got the message that the picasa links did not work...

    Sorry for the inconvenience - I guess I was too tired. Everything should be fixed now :)

  6. Just a tad jealous. Though with the my first kid about to be born next month I doubt I would have been able to buy anything. Glad there are people like you to Stand in lines and take pictures for me. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for all of your work. It is much appreciated, mate.

  8. VERY impressive - I've shared your stuff with my whole gaming group, who presently look like they were just beaten over the heads by a pack of wild Ogryn. Thanks!

    1. Thankyou everso much for posting these pics. I was aching to see who beat out that Nurgle Giant for 1st place, though could work out which in your links?

  9. More coverage here with winners for all but the young bloods

    1. Thanks :) I added it to the Link Collection!
      @all: Go check out his blog and subscribe him, too! :D

  10. Well, your photo's are not showing up in my browser so I am a little annoyed, one more reason to punch the PC lol!!! Hopefully I will be able to solve it, Firefox is supposed to be a good browser I thought - not impressed so far....

  11. Thanks a lot for taking all those pictures.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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