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Friday, September 28, 2012

Black Library: Time limited Horus Heresy White Scars book

Greetings, bookworms! 

Now this info here does not really have anything to do with painting miniatures - at least not directly. The Black Library is both trying to optimize their printing process as well as tackle the problem that many people where not able to buy limited books at all as they sold out very, very quickly. 

With the "Brotherhood of the storm" - a white scars novella, Black Library is not limiting the amount of books printed. It is limiting the time that you can order the book. A very clever move in my opinion. 

The book is about the White Scars battling it out vs. the sinister ork in the ork-held territory of Chondax. 
See the trailer here for more information: 

I have ordered the book which includes some detailed pictures about the design and color schemes of different White Scar units, for example this awesome jetbike or some information about characters of the campaign:

At 40 Euros I hope that the book will feature more pictures than just the ones shown here. 40 Euros for a novel would be way to much. 40 Euros for something like a mini "Imperial Armor" or "Horus Heresy" supplement would be awesome. I will write a review, as soon as the book arrives.

Be this as it may - the book is only available until September 28th, yes that is today. So maybe something for your last minute shopping consideration... ;)

Da dieses Buch in Englischer Sprache erscheint, gibt es keine Deutsche Übersetzung dieses Textes :)  Ich denke, dass macht Sinn, oder? ;)

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