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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Updates, updates, updates! 

First of all

After some absolutely crazy weeks (and months) working on our DVD production, Ben traveled the world like a true adventurer while Mati also enjoyed a long (and deserved) vacation. 

I took the liberty to take last week off as well to catch up with some much needed sleep. I don't think I have ever slept 19 hours in one day before - it was quite glorious. 

Now we are all back at the Painting Buddha cave, working on our next big surprises for you ;) 

Season 1.3: DVD Front Cover - YAY :)

Season 1.2 & 1.3 DVD Status

As you may have seen, our DVD sets are at the replicator in Cologne right now. We do not have a final confirmation on the delivery date yet, but we expect the DVDs in the next two weeks. 

As soon as we know the final delivery date, we will send out an update to all of our supporters via e-mail letting you know all of the details there are to know about your shipment. 

Remember that the Early Beard Special will be over as soon as we start shipping the DVD sets! 

Note: Two 'old friend' are back

As our Bruddhas in Canada, the UK and the Netherlands have already noticed, an old bug has been re-introduced with the latest shop-update: The ZIP code field is once again only 5 digits long :/

You can circumvent this problem by simply putting a dash ('-') in the ZIP-Code field and then put the ZIP-code and the city in the city field. We are working on getting this fixed asap. 

Also, some of you may not be able to see your order in the store after you finalized your order. If you received a confirmation mail, your order is in the system. If there are orders with problems (such as Paypal did not go through), we will contact you before we ship out all orders.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. IT. Where would we be without it?

Ben & Matt go MFCA

MFCA - are you going?
If you live in the US and you love miniatures, chances are that you have heard about the MFCA - Miniature Figure Collectors of America.

For the 73rd year (!) one of the biggest shows of this kind draws painters and collectors to the appropriately named town of "King of Prussia", PA. 

Ben and Matt will represent like true Painting Bruddhas and since I already had a peek into their miniature boxes, I know they'll have a lot of fun there. 

If you are going to the show yourself, make sure that you talk to Ben and Matt! They don't bite (much). 

And remember: It is your support that enables us to send those guys to these kind of events! We'll be reporting from it as soon as Ben is back ;) 

I am looking forward to his report and pictures already ;)

Creature Caster's 200k unlock: Possessed Dragon

In the last couple of weeks, I have posted about some Kickstarters and we even had some Beeble-Babbles with some of the brains behind them. Here's a list of these Kickstarters - definitely make sure to check em out before time's up!

Creature Caster (only 5 days to go!!) - Facebook
Hangar 18 Miniatures (16 days to go) - Facebook
Arcane Factories (begins tomorrow!) - Facebook

It is a great pleasure for us to promote these Kickstarters because they are not only offering awesome models at high quality and a really fair price, but they are run by absolutely awesome people. Nerds like you and me.

So check them out and Share & Enjoy!



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