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Monday, May 12, 2014

Creature Caster 1082% funded + updates

Creature Caster 1082% funded. 

I couldn't be happier for Jeremy Glen and his incredibly successful Kickstarter Campaign for Creature Caster. 

I know for all of us that were - and will be - involved in this, in particular our buddies at the Chilling Wargamers and of course all of my guys here at Paintingbuddha it was very 'emertional'. 

This video shows you why YOU supported the good guys. Thank you all - and stay tuned, because the Kickstarter may be over - but now the fun part begins: WORK. 

There's a very good chance that we'll do a quick little BEEBLE・BABBLE with Jeremy in the next couple of days - maybe even tonight! I'll announce it on our Facebook-Page!

Ben's Creature Caster entry for the World-Expo in Stresa!

All of us here will get our hands on the Vulture Demon very soon and get him 'ready' for the World Expo in Stresa. As you know from the Kickstarter, this will result in us creating a DVD for Jeremy and all of the people who bought this special perk during his campaign.

It will be quite interesting and entertaining - so again, stay tuned!

Other crowd-funding campaigns of some of our friends

Hangar 18

Liliana from Hangar 18 Miniatures has an awesome little fund-raiser going and I am certain that tons of people will love her miniatures!

And - even though it has not been decided yet - there is a chance for some sort of collaboration between Hangar 18 and Paintingbuddha! After all, the Galactic President needs a place to park his space-ship! Hangar 18 it is!

Oracle says: I see a BEEBLE・BABBLE in your future, full of beautiful women! 

Arcane Factories

Our buddy Justin Tan and his league of extraordinary animators (yep, that's right) just took their first crowd-funding campaign live. 

If you are looking for some awesome and dynamic poses and miniatures that you can proxy as heroes in your armies, check out their campaign!

27 Rosso

Not every crowd-funding campaign aims to make tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars - sometimes all it needs is a little 'nudge' to help someone get started. Having said that, our buddy Fabio knows that there is no need to say "NI!", because Halloween is coming!

Upcoming campaigns

Our Bruddha Alex Nemes from Minx Studio is preparing his first Fantasy RPG Miniature Kickstarter, coming your way on May 23rd.

Love Paul Bonner's artwork? Well, Bruddha Joe from JoeK Minis will bring some of the artworks alive on May 15th! Check it out!

And finally, Bruddha James is preparing for what I believe will be an awesome kickstarter for Infamy Miniatures. I have seen some stuff people... All I can say is 'super-charged steampunk pulsing with electricity...' Bzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz!

Head over to their respective FB pages and 'Like' them if you, errr, like...! 

Save a little cash for us!

Yes, I know, I've been teasing all of you to spend money on a lot of great campaigns recently, we live in exciting times. 

We here at Painting Buddha will start shipping Season 1.2 and 1.3 very soon now - last chance to secure your early-beard-savings and some free loot! After all, it is the year of the pirate, ARRRRH! 

We are getting ready for Phase 2 of our Painting Buddha plans and you can rest assured that your support will help us to make this awesome for YOU. I won't spoil anything just yet - but we all are pretty sure you'll like it ;) 



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