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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Future of Games Workshop - Part 13: RIP 'Eavy Metal

The Future of Games Workshop - Part 13
RIP 'Eavy Metal

I really don't feel like doing this. 

It was Friday night, we had a great day here in the Paintingbuddha cave, I skyped with nerdy friends in France, Spain and the US about future projects and I was finally looking forward to having a relaxing evening playing some LoL with my friends. Then someone linked me to a post on Facebook and I felt compelled to write about it here.

Coincidentally, the apparent genius that currently runs Games Workshop has been a topic throughout the day in our office and I told someone who asked me to continue our 'mini-series' about the Future of Games Days and Games Workshop that I don't even feel like talking about them anymore. We would see the bitter truth in their upcoming yearly report anyways. 

Store sales are allegedly down (according to some stores by up to 50% compared to last year), some 'creative' revenue-generating campaigns are being run for independent retails which are only aimed at moving as many sales into the current fiscal year as possible (creating an automatic 'bad start' into the next year), everyone in the US and the UK operations seems to have been fired - so cost should be down...  Same ol' story. 

A quick money grab with the rushed 40k rules was the straw we all expected and from what I can hear and read it has not been or will not be that successful. 

Games Workshop.... I begin to feel like I don't care anymore - but people asked me to report on the latest 'fan-base interaction' - so here we go. I'll make it short and sweet :P 

'Eavy Metal Facebook Page closes down

After GW slammed the door in the face of about 45,000 fans by shutting down their Forge World and Black Library pages (without prior notice), at least this time the admin of the 'Eavy Metal page gave us a two day warning before everything was gone. 

The first to report on this was Ben Kelly on Blogs of War with an article appropriately named 'Powder Keg'. Head over to their blog for some more detailed inside information on what was going on. 

So another 5600 GW fans shut out by GW's anti-social (media) efforts to estrange even their toughest hard-core fans.

At least there were about 2000 saved and invited to the new and inofficial 'Eavier Metal group.

I don't know - what do you think? Does anyone have an idea what GW is doing right now? If you do, please leave a comment ;) 

International Towel Day

So instead of ruining my Friday writing about this I actually ended up playing LOL with my friends until late at night and enjoyed the weekend by tearing off wallpaper and moving heavy oak furniture for a friend. Good times!

And now I sit here and waste the last few minutes of the 'International Towel Day' with yet another disappointing post about Games Workshop. 

I think it's time someone did something about them.

Meanwhile, at the center of the universe: 

Happy Towel Day, Everybody! 



  1. yes more GW craziness! Ive been a member of this group from its birth and its sad to see it will soon be gone, for what reason baffles me i dont see any good reason to take it down. It was a good place to show your work and help each other out with tips etc. There are a few splinter groups eavier metal, demon painters etc so i guess it has an after life.
    what are you doing to my hobby gw?

  2. Where all their other stunts were annoying, this now feels somehow sad.

  3. "...Just an another brick in the wall"... And the tomb will be nearly completed... -.-'

  4. TBF re: the eavy metal page, I didn't realise it was an official GW thing, mainly because many of the posts on the page were from a variety of models, not all GW stuff, so knowing that now I am surprised it lasted that long. Also when the page shut down I was on the notification of it as it happened and it just collapsed into a bile filled hole, with a few folk posting a Nazi flag and saying that it was GW. TBH if that was the attitude many have towards GW for doing something they are entitled to do (its their football, they can take it away if they want), and gave everyone a decent 2 day warning, with may jumping ship to 'eavier metal page (myself included). The attitude of many was rude, uncalled for and downright uncalled for. With the comments that were coming out, is it any wonder GW just doesn't want to bother with open forums anymore, they cannot start a fresh and get good will, it will always end in moaning about price, rules, current meta, and QQing about why GW isn't doing exactly what that particular person wants. GW cant win, yes they have done some very bad PR in recent years, but with the bile and hate they get at any comment section, I don't blame them for just not bothering and pulling up the drawbridge. A shame, but at the end of the day, it didn't come across as an official GW page, and often had warmahordes, DZ commander et al on it, I cant see why GW would tolerate that.

    1. I completely agree with you.

      That being said, I find it interesting that this unofficial site is being closed down - because it was not an official GW site. The owner of the page is a warehouse manager at GW and I would suspect that something in his work contract states he couldn't do that. But I don't know this for sure.

      And yes, there is a ton of QQing going on - justified or not - but I think that withdrawing from all social media and not listening to their fan-base at all (just read the posts about the 7th edition 40k and it's non-tournament-playability) will not result in more sales.

      I fear for GW's future.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I, too, agree completely Rick. Having witnessed the disgusting show that went on in the comments I felt embarrassed to be part of the same group as some of the people posting. The 'Eavy Metal page was not an official page but it did have their logo on it and GW staff were involved in running it. As there was no rules to say "don't post non-GW stuff here" people could and did and it's obvious that no company wants the competition being promoted on a page that at least looks official. So they couldn't leave it as it was and they couldn't just remove any non-GW content without getting at least some of the backlash that we saw at the announcement of closure. So they are left in an impossible situation- damned if you do, damned if you don't. It's a shame to see the page go but I don't see what option they had. It has lead to a plethora of indy pages crop up (even I've set one up-something I'd been thinking about doing for a while...) and it's great to see that the fan network is strong. With any luck we might even see the back of some of the scumbags that posted the worst of the messages...

  6. Why do you think I am stocking up on my plastic soldiers, tin foil hats aside, GW needs to do something, I don't know what, but something, they have just gone quiet and aren't letting anyone know what going on. 7th ed looks like a cash grab (which I doubt, would have taken longer than the last financial report date to create it all). I don't know, I just feel the rage is getting louder than just fanbois moaning that has gone on since 3rd edition release. hmmm

  7. A GW staff member once complained that company cant give nice thigs to its fans because people allways misuse the opportunity.

    1. Not being able to give fans something because they 'abuse' it is not a valid statement in my opinion. Why not give exclusive miniatures/T-Shirts for 'free' with your 50€ entry ticket to a GD? Here, the obvious reason is greed (or let's call it trying to make a marketing event a cash-cow). The Skullz program was something that could not really be abused, either. Good rules would not be nothing that you abuse. Bad rules are being abused to the point where the game becomes nonviable for the tournament scene.

      I'd say they don't need to do 'nice' things. They need to do the right things. And it should start with a little appreciation of their fan-base imo.

  8. Appreciating the fan base woud be a great flaming miracle frankly as GW have NEVER appreciated their "food source" like they should. It has always seemed like they were more than willing to slap you in the face as hard as possible so long as there was money in it for them. If there is an enormous revolution due, then I hope it's a complete rethink of their policy towards customers so that we are regarded like the life blood we are.


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