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Friday, April 11, 2014

Newsflash 1.2/1.3: Secret Stretchgoals

Newsflash 1.2/1.3: Secret Stretch-goals

A late post?

Frodo: "Your post is late, Mr. President!"
Zaphod: "A president never posts late, Mr. Frodo! He always posts precisely when he intends too!"

It's still Stretchgoal Thursday in Honolulu! For another 2 hours and 42 minutes!

Super Secret Stretchgoals

You all know Kickstarter & Co where, with the more money you raise, the more stretch-goals you unlock.

Well, our 'Early Beard' specials actually save you money. By pre-ordering, you all are able to get our products cheaper than at normal retail. The 'Early Beard' deals will be available until we can ship our new Season 1.2/1.3 DVD sets - so it is not a bad idea to support us now rather than, let's say in 3 weeks...
Just sayin'...

But of course, we wanted to thank all of you who put their trust in us by pre-ordering their sets. So we came up with the idea of super-secret stretch-goals!

Two of the stretch-goals made it into the 'standard' product, even after the Early Beard Phase:

Postcards & Stickers

We have designed the first 21 of 42 collectible stickers - for the standard order you will receive 4 stickers - one of them will have a special, still secret function (look at the postcard and you might find out what it is). Pre-orders will receive 7 stickers, including the magical one!

The postcard to the right has a very special function - you may guess it - and it will unlock some awesome free loot for you in the future.

Plus it will be fun! :D Our 100 pre-orders goal.

Here is what every person who pre-orders before the release date will receive. Not available for sale, not available outside of pre-orders or special events.

In short - stuff, money can't buy. Ever.

The revolutionary new sculpting putty

BeeSPutty Sample

Our buddy Stefan, inventor of the brand-new BeeSPutty, the new - and I want to say 'superior' sculpting putty - has created a special Painting Buddha Sample for all of you who pre-ordered.

It could be the beginning of a beautiful sculpting career!

Mati, our in-house sculptor and fire prevention officer says this about BeeSPutty: "BeeSPutty holds details and sharp edges better than other sculpting putties. The biggest advantage over all other putties is that you don't need to cover your armatures with any other putty first. BeeSPutty goes all the way! I really like working with it!"

This stretch-goal was unlocked by reaching 210 pre-orders. 

Since it is a free sample, you won't be able to sculpt a whole army with it. But certainly enough to sculpt something like our next stretchgoal:

First Batch of our special event
miniature "Randalf Streisand"
Exclusive Randalf Streisand miniature

We decided that - if we were to reach 4242 likes on Facebook before we release the DVDs, we will offer a free miniature to you as our Special Thank You to all of you who SHARE & ENJOY what we do!

We reached 4242 last week. Now we are at 4889 likes.

So here he is: Introducing Randalf Streisand!

This friendly little Goblin in 32mm scale will be a joy to paint - and might even join your favorite army as the chief mechanic!

And we wouldn't be Painting Buddhas, if there wasn't a biiiig secret surrounding Randalf.

We are sure this is not the last time you hear of him!

That's how we roll

We were overwhelmed with your support of our Season 1.1 - which is almost sold out and not available in the shop anymore (we needed to reserve some for our Bundle pre-orders, but even those are going fast now!).

We were ever more overwhelmed with your support of our Season 1.2 and 1.3 DVD sets. We did not expect that kind of feedback and encouragement!

So we try to be a little bit like the Spanish Inquisition: No-body expects a company to add free stuff after the customer already paid!" :D

We hope you like these little stretch-goals. They all come from our nerdy hearts!
Thank you for your support and for making everything we do possible!

And thank you for SHARING & ENJOYING! That is what probably supports us the most!



  1. Dear PB-Team,

    Thanx for these cool Stretchgoals. I am really excited about to find out which will be the function of this mystical postcard and stickers. What will I have to do to get the other stickers?
    As you can guess I am really looking forward to receiving the next seasons. I already digged some money in the garden for the next 25 seasons ^^.

    Keep on improving our hobby. You are doing a great job. Thanx a lot!

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Skyle!
      We are slowly getting to where I want us to be :) 2014 will be exciting.

  2. Yay! Stickers!!! most Excellent!!!!

    1. Hahah! As you told me at Salute, you are quite fond of stickers, I hear :P

  3. Thank you very much! Im really looking forward to all of it.

  4. Hi Zaphod and the PB team :) I ordered a standard DVD set of 1.1 Target Identified painting DVD's on the 7th of April. The payment went through from paypal and off my credit card, however when looking in the shop I have no record of my order (No 844). I have tried contacting some of the attached e-mails to the site but nor response has come forward. I understand that with Salute, easter hols and the build up to 1.2/1,3 release, there may be a delay, but since I haven't even had an order confirmation I was a little worried as reading on your blogs you have said that the dvd's are out of stock now.

    If any of you could have a look into the sale I would be very grateful, many thanks


  5. Thank you for these beautiful stretchgoals. I'm very curious to know what we are supposed to do with the stickers :D

    Friday is over everywhere in the world (I checked!), still you did not published the release's day! :P

    1. Yes, we can blame it on our DVD Replicators now :P
      I will say first week of May - but still wait to hear back from them.

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