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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Newsflash 1.2/1.3 #6: Sÿbtitôlædowyç

Newsflash 1.2/1.3 #5: Sÿbtitôlædowyç

Exciting update for our upcoming release of the Season 1.2 and 1.3 DVD sets (both available for pre-order at!

Thanks to our glorious Captains who manned (or fished) their Galactic Battleships with swarms of translating Bable-Fishes, we are happy to confirm the following subtitles for our DVD sets.

We are not 100% sure, but we think this might be the Painting DVDs with the most subtitles in the history of Painting DVDs!

We will introduce the remaining Captains, their Galactic Battle Ships and their Bablefishes next week - we owe it all to them. They spent WEEKS getting the subtitles ready for all of you - believe me, it was a lot of work!

"Season 1.3 - Base Alchemy 1: Earth with Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish" language options:
Audio: English
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Swedish!

"Season 1.2 - Banners & Freehands with Stephan Rath" language options:

Audio: German, English (dubbed)
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish and Hungarian!

Here a sneak peek of one of our Subtitle Screens for our DVD:


The decision to go for three DVDs for Season 1.3 instead of the advertised two DVDs as well as the decision to introduce more subtitles meant about a month of extra work for four people full time (don't forget to add all the work of our Captains and Bable Fishes!).

Was it worth delaying the release by about a month? Hell, yes! You will get way more than you expected! (secret Stretchgoals still to be announced :D)

We are going through the final quality control of everything right now - you can trust that we will take our time making everything as close to perfect as we can.

Maybe we'll put the release date in your Easter Egg basket...

Only a few more days - then the early beard special will be gone!



  1. Thank you all for the translation ^_^

    1. Once everything is done, we will properly thank all of our volunteering Captains & Fishes for their hard work! It ain't over until the fat president sings!

  2. Yay ^_^
    See you at the weekend, Michael

  3. Today was supposed to be stretchgoal day!
    We wanna know!

    1. It's still today :D

      Although I am sometimes not sure which day it is... That's what you get for working 7 days a week :D

      Stretchgoals will be announced today. Today includes all timezones - gives me around 12 hours wriggle room and still be on time. It's like with Gandalf and Frodo:

      "A Galactic President is never late, Master Pepperpot! He arrives precisely when he intends to!" :P

  4. Big thank you to all captains for the translation work. And very cool that the banner and freehand dvd has a german audioline :-)
    There will be a time you get mor sleep Michael, but it seems to be not in the near future :-P
    Will spend you a cup of coffee when we meet again.


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