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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BEEBLE・BABBLE 3: Creature Caster Kickstarter Kick-Off Special

BEEBLE・BABBLE 3: Creature Caster Kickstarter Kick-Off
With Jeremy Glen - This Friday!

Creature Caster Kickstarter starting April 19

When Jeremy says 'Creature' what
he means is 'CREATURE'!
If you have seen our first BEEBLE・BABBLE ever, you know why we are happy to support Jeremy's new Company "Creature Caster". He is a really nice guy with a passion for miniatures. Or rather, Maxiatures.

Since our little talk-show, I have been in contact with Jeremy regularly and I can only tell you that supporting someone who eats, sleeps and breathes our hobby like Jeremy is an honor and a privilege.

This won't be one of those 'pay-now-and-get-everything-a-year-later-maybe' Kickstarter campaigns. Jeremy has a very fresh and healthy approach on how to run his own Kickstarter - and I like it! We'll talk about this more in our show.

In our show, we promised that Jeremy would be back as soon as we knew when the Kickstarter campaign would start. He announced it this morning and we immediately scheduled our next show!

So let's listen to Jeremy as he announces the Launch Date for the Kickstarter campaign on his Youtube Channel

Friday Night - time to be announced.

So this Friday we will give you all the latest news about this extraordinary Kickstarter, irresistible stretch goals, pledge levels and - of course - talk about everything that you won't find anywhere else: Exclusive behind-the-scenes details and secrets!

ALSO we will be telling you for the first time about our very own SECRET stretch-goals that all of our pre-order supporters for Season 1.2 and 1.3 will receive with their order! That's right! Everyone will get more than they expect - not only the 3 instead of 2 DVDs for Season 1.3! More on that on Friday! 

The time of the show is not 100% decided yet, but it will be between 6pm and 8pm CET (7pm/9pm GMT). I will announced the final time here and on our Facebook page

UPDATE Show-time: Friday, April 4th, 7pm
As always, we will take live questions during the show! It will be entertaining and I am sure you don't want to miss it ;) 

And we have a VERY SPECIAL announcement that I just confirmed with Jeremy this morning.

Oh. And please remember the numbers 210, 420 and 2560. 

Of course, it would be very hoopy of you, if you considered supporting us, too! :D
Pre-order 'Early BEARD' special still available!


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