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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Test video up!

Tutorial Tuesday - Test video up!

I just uploaded the first TEST video for the Tutorial Tuesday video tutorials. Content is quite basic - how to deassemble, clean and assemble your airbrush. 
The content is not really important in this video - its more all about overall quality, LIGHT, COLORS, SOUND and things such as background music. 

I would appreciate your feedback on this, so I can tweak it for the 'real' show next week. Please leave your comments here or on youtube. Thank you! 

Ich habe gerade das erste TEST-Video für Tutorial Tuesday hochgeladen. Der Inhalt ist recht einfach gehalten - wie baue ich meinen Airbrush auseinander, reinige ihn und baue ihn wieder zusammen. 
Der Inhalt ist nicht wirklich wichtig - wichtiger ist: Wie kommt die Qualität, LICHT, FARBEN, SOUND und solche Sachen wie Hintergrundmusik bei euch an?

Ich würde euer feedback wirklich schätzen, damit kann ich dann für den Ernstfall nächste Woche die notwendigen Einstellungen vornehmen. Bitte hinterlasst Eure Kommentare hier oder auf Youtube. Danke!


  1. Hey, I like the backround music. The quality looks also great so far. I'm very curious to see how the quality is, if you explain to paint or sculpt smaller things, like faces for example. However, I'm looking forward, to see more of your clips. Greetings, Stephan

  2. Hi Ziphod,
    overall quality is pretty good! It might be a little brighter, but this could depend on my personal monitor settings.

    I prefer to listen to other music while watching good videos, so i prefer no background music. other pro of videos without music is, that the viwer can turn your voice louder if there is a noisy surrounding without turning the music louder.

    Thank your for your good hints on airbrush cleaning...i always pulled the need back..until now!

    Hope to see you in hamburg at romans workshop.


  3. Quality is great, but... Body fat for greasing your needle? Eeeeeeeeeeew! :)


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