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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update: House of Blues & Pestilence

The House of Blues & Pestilence
Tales from the raiders of the lost week


It has been quiet at masterminis & paintingbuddha last week. Uncharacteristically quiet. So quiet that there were even no Facebook updates of any sort. 

What happened? 

Flu. That happened. The lord of Pestilence, Ben, was sick at home for the full week, I got completely knocked out from Thursday through Sunday with what I can only describe as fever-induced absence from reality. Mati, slightly under the weather himself, worked from home to not get sick as well...

It was so bad, that we even had to cancel our last event for the year, FiMaJe in Antibes, a show for which we had been looking forward to and preparing for as it was supposed to be the first show with our own sales booth (with custom printed banners, table decoration and Show Only versions of our Season 1.1: Target Identified DVD set - all the bells and whistles). Ben and I are really sad that we could not go :(  

To round things off, our plane tickets were non refundable. So all-in-all, the last week pretty much sucked badly - and if I could remember any of it, I would try to forget it.


"Well, it couldn't get any worse!" I hear you say? One would think, wouldn't one...

Besides 'Flu' there's another three letter word that we learned to curse the last couple of weeks. 

And that is DHL. After having no problems for half a year, DHL got a new driver. And he just refuses to 'find' us. Since 10/24 no DHL drivers showed up for picking up packages. Quite literally dozens of calls with our 'corporate contract' representatives, including that department's management have not changed the situation. Inspite of daily promises that "today our driver will pick up the packets for sure!" as of today no DHL driver has shown up. 

That is why for the last three weeks we have been taking your orders to the post office directly, sometimes in multiple trips, as my car won't hold that many boxes :( 

We are not sure how, if and when DHL will come to their senses, but rest assured that we will send your packages ourselves, if DHL does not show up. 

All orders from last week will be sent out tomorrow.

and Hoopyness...!

But there is a silver lining! A future full of Hoopyness! 

Now that we are all back in the office, we are preparing something very special for all of you. Starting December 1st, we will run an unprecedented event - but that's all the information we will leak for the moment ^^

Stay Tuned!


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