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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Epic battles of Miniature History: Hussar 2013 vs Games Day Italy 2013

Hussar 2013 vs Games Day Italy 2013
Part 1: Hussssaaaargh!

Catching up - part 2. Part 1 is here. :) 

Grab your Russian AK-42 vodka,
kick back and ENJOY!
Last year, at Hussar 2012, I promised to come back to Warsaw in 2013. Back then, Nakatan and myself were the only non-Polish participants of this awesome event - and maybe as a result of my report last year, this year there were ton's of people at the event from Sweden, Russia, Germany - and of course many of the awesome Polish painters. 

What I did not know back than was that Games Day Italy 2013 would take place at the same weekend. After GD US, GD Germany and GD UK this  was maybe my only chance ever to visit ALL GD events in a year. But - one president, one word! I lived up to my promise and arrived in Warsaw, after almost very very VERY nearly missing my flight. 

So, I sent my trusty minion Ben to go to Italy. Starting today, let us tell you the tale of two extremely contrasting events, starting with Hussar 2013. Contrast is good in miniature painting, isn't it? We'll see! Prepare for moderate wall of text.

Paint, nie pirdeol - by nerds, for nerds!

150€ for LEDs. Games Workshop can't afford these for
over 10 years in a row now. THAT's how it's DONE, baby!

Somethingsomething 'nie pirdeol!' means 'Do somethingsomething, don't frakk around!'. Usually, the saying goes "Pie, nie pirdeol" which means as much as "Drink, don't frakk around!" and I was assured that this is a very inapropriate thing to say - so you have been warned!

But I think "Paint, nie pirdeol!" (with 'paint' obviously not being a Polish word, I am afraid) describes the event best: Janusz and his team (Sławomir, Camelson, Piotr, Bohun and the many helpers behind the scenes) created an event for nerds. 

Lighting at GDs. FAIL. 
David vs Goliath in Terminator Armor

Located in a community center, the Hussar 2013 cannot compete with the big venues that GW rents for their events. I can assure you that this event did not cost around 100k€.

The Hussar Crew compensates for that with commitment to the point of exhaustion and by the surprising use of common sense. It's super effective!

For example, they bought LED lighting strips for the display cases. White, cool light.  Not yellow halogen spots like at GDs... 150€ worth of frikkin' LED strips and a few cables. PERFECT light for looking at miniatures. That's how it's done, baby!

Although the Hussar goes much longer than the Games Day (until 6pm at night), there was not a single second of boredom. And that's even though you don't spend three hours in some line waiting to buy product at non-discounted rates... 

DJ Janusz is in da HOUSE!
Who let the fun out?

How about some free workshops, spread over the whole day - with legends such as Karol Rudyk and Julio Cabos (Andrea)! For the organizers of the Hussar no problem. 

Speed painting competitions? Again, the Hussar has it! Even though I found it very questionable that my entry did not win. VERY suspicious! :D

It's almost like someone sat down and actually thought about what would be FUN for the visitors of a painting event, so they could mischievously coerce and lure them to attend this FREE event (Well, it cost 1,50€, but hey - that's as close to free as you'll get in a long time.) If that's not enough, they created, casted and hand painted a beautiful trophy for the winners. 

Stefan will defend his Crystal Brush ticket
with an awesome Hussar 2013 saber!
Did I mention that the "Best of Show" winner get's a real frikkingly awesome, engraved sword (yes, I know it's a saber)? Not some cheap Chinese aluminum stick? 

Oh, and did I further mention that the "Best of Show" also get's a free return ticket to Chrystal Brush next year?

At Hussar, nerds can do what they like doing most: Celebrate the hobby and meet fellow nerds and nerdlings.. 

"At Games Day fans can do what they like doing most: Buying Games Workshop products". No, I did not make sh*t this up, this is a quote from the organizer of Games Days. 

The competition

Now let's look at the competition - the main body of the event. And what a competition it was!

Top view of Karol's epic Orc Wyvern.
Some of the best painters - and many of my personal painting hero nerds - gathered in Warsaw. 

The incredibly talented Polish painters had to measure their skills against the likes of Kirill "Yellow One" Kanaev, Nadja "HopeRiver" and Angelica "Ringil" from Russia, Stefan Johnsson from Sweden and even our own Bruddha Klaus "Begbie" Dorn. 

120 top quality entries battled for beautiful trophies and the coveted Hussar Saber for the Best of Show. 

If you see pictures of Karol Rudyk's epic Orc Wyvern and then hear that it 'only' took silver, you know that the standard of the competition was amazingly high. I would say that 84% of entries were of a quality that should have taken a trophy home - since not everyone can win, the organizers of the event even presented "Honorable Mention" certificates to worthy painters during the award ceremonies!

The illuminati pass their mercyless judgement.
Equipped with two of the brightest energy saving daylight lamps I have ever seen, the Hussar Judging Crew had their work cut out for them. 

Believe me, it was not an easy job and they took their time to look at all areas of every miniature. Even the ones you might not want them to see ^^. 

This year's killer categories were "Fantasy single" and "Large Scale/Monster". But it's really hard to pick a 'weak' category - because there was none. 

Like everyone else involved with the event, I think the jury did an outstanding job. 

Can you imagine that these guys don't
run a multi-million-Euro business?
Seven shekel for a false beard!?

A few selected vendors offered their wares to the captivated crowd at reasonable discounts. And if you were skilled in the art of beard-fu, you were able to even barter them down for a few shekels. Many colorless miniatures were exchanged for colorful pieces of paper and shiny coins. 

Nerd heaven.

And the awards go to

...first of all the organizers of the event. I just have one word for these guys: "Hoopy". Incredible commitment. 142% nerd extract. Wonderful. OK. That's not one word. 

As long as my poor legs will carry me, I will attend the Hussar. Long after I am 2x42 years old. 

The award ceremony was a warm and wonderful experience. The pictures of all miniatures were shown on the large screen in the auditorium that was previously used for the workshops.

There were many happy winners and many receivers of honorable mentions.

But, there can only be one 
But wait, there's MORE!

After-party part 1: The mingling.
About 20 minutes after GD UK was over - we were just talking to the winners of the Golden Demons and the Slayer sword - we were ushered out of the event hall. Event is over, go away.

Not at the Hussar. Stay a while, and listen!

The secret word of the night was 'after party'. At the small restaurant at the end of the show, we all enjoyed a few Polish beers and mingled merrily. This was not to be the last party of the night, I tell you. 

Eddie showcases his flashy
dancing and licking moves.
After-After-Party - who let the Pug out?

And then a few after-after-parties happened. Klaus, Stefan and I got invited to join Bohun and Gosia and many nerd friends to party the night away. Other parties were held at different places.

Galactic Gargleblasters were served, Pizza was devoured, fun was had. I slept for about 90 minutes before I needed to catch the train.... But as far as details are concerned - what happens in Warsaw, stays in Warsaw! Good times :) 

WE are the hobby

Bruddhas, THIS is our hobby. That's really all I can say. It was simply a wonderful weekend. Thanks to all participants!

So if you read this and don't go to Hussar 2014 next year, it's your own fault. I informed you thusly!

Pics, or it didn't happen

Here follow a list of very splendid and worthwhile picture albums about the Hussar 2013: 

(extra points for using "SHARE & ENJOY" for this album, Slawo! :D)
White Tree's report & pics (in Polish, but hey, Google Translate =] )

And if I forgot someone, just leave your link in the comments below! Ah, what the heck - the Internet is free! EVERYONE LEAVE A COMMENT :D

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  1. Wow, it seems I'm going to Hussar next year, if it's in any eay possible for me. :-)

  2. Great report of what seems to have been a great event ... but ... you forgot to mention cake ... ;-)

  3. It a shame that couple of days ago I had to resign from this event...
    As I can see the event was amaizing and will have not join you at the 2014 event !
    About the motto - Pant, nie pierdol :P

    The best statement ever xD

  4. It was great to meet you, Mike. Oh, just one thing - how about I release you... from the spell of... ? ;)

  5. Wait a moment... No, I don't believe. All this time spent in Warsaw and still wrong spelling of such important word?:) PIJ. PIJ:) and PIERDOL:)

    1. I am innocent! I think it was Michal who spelled it for me!
      In our defense, I have to admit that unspecified quantities of Vodka were involved :D

  6. Awesome review, love it! Once again, guy with camera was shot down by a DSLR light gun operator :D


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