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Friday, May 17, 2013

Forged Monkey - New Hot Releases

Greetings, my most excellent nerds!

Today I want to share some new sculpts (and paintjobs) of one of the hottest artists on the planet right now: I speak of no other than Raffaele Picca, aka Picster, who most of you know is member of the Massive Voodoo Crew, but what some of you may not know, also has his own little shop called Forged Monkey

Raffa is not just one of the great painters and story-tellers of our time, but he has turned into quite a skilled sculptor. And since he just made a bust that I totally fell in love with, I hope that the late Spring will bring you similar feelings.

So here he is, the Tribe Chief Morrow. Just 26€ for an awesome bust. And in a a few weeks, our DVD Set "Season 1 - Target Identified" can show you how you paint this friendly looking fellow. 

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Two more great minis on

One great bust rarely comes alone. Enters the Knucklehead :D Look at the sculpt and Raffa's awesome paintjobs :)

And last but not least, we have Chosen, the BULL. Unlike some energy drinks, this one comes in a green flavor. Standing 58 mm tall, he will not be laughed at. I double dare you! :D

Anywho. It is 1:22am, after some 19 hours of awesome work on our DVD release, I will now hit the hay. 

Stay hoopy, and don't forget to 



  1. Saw these in the flesh at the last MV workshop.. they are great sculpts and already have the Knucklehead to work on! Now to figure out where in the queue it goes for painting!

  2. I love the Tribe Chief Morrow ! But maybe even more I like the Chosen "Bull" 54 mm mini ;)
    Maybe I should get one... Have to think about it.

    Have you considered to reveal some sneak peack of your DVD set ? I mean, some short introduction films ? :P

    BTW according to this - "And in a a few weeks, our DVD Set "Season 1 - Target Identified" can show you how you paint this friendly looking fellow."
    Can I ask who would be the panter of the bust ? Raffaele Picca ?

    1. Sneak peaks are comming up. Hint: 42 is the answer ;)
      - May 25th is Towel Day.
      - June 7th... 6-7... 6x7.... 42!

      And just to clear up a misunderstanding: We won't show you how to paint that particular bust. We just show you how to paint Life, the Universe and EVERYTHING :D

  3. Thanks for the nice post Micha, very kind of you :)
    And glad you like the Tribe Chief, he is my personal favorite, too!

  4. Shared again - lovely minis those! :)


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