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Thursday, May 30, 2013

300,000+ views, 555+ likes: YAG SWAG STACK GROWS!

Thank you all!

300,000+ views, 555+ likes on FB!

It is not that we have not been busy working very hard on our first release of the DVD for the last couple of months, but these last two weeks are even more intense - and more fun!

Quite literally 18 hour days seven days a week - and the finish line is in sight! And the more we see of the final product, the more excited we get ourselves. 

But your support and participation in the biggest small community in the world is the fuel that keeps us going! And that is why I'd like to share something about the fun we have making our DVD Set for you!

As you can see on the picture, I just need corrupt outsiders to mildly threaten Ben to be creative, or else. Sometimes lovingly vacuuming a friend also goes a long way. 

New stuff on the YAG SWAG STACK!

With our 555th 'like' on Facebook we unlocked the next giveaway prize in our 'Yet Another Giveaway'. All winners will be drawn on Galactic President's Day on June 7th, 2013. 

So join the YAG SWAG STACK ATTACK! There are a few really cool prizes in the stash already and we will be adding a few more until June 7th!

I will also find something cool in celebration of our 300,000th view on the Blog - not bad considering we just started to really use it some time in July! But right now we need to go back to the in-buddhane working conditions here for and ;) 

In case, you forgot, you can also win Ben's fabulous Happy Monk on a single-tear-inducing base ;)

He is as happy as we here at work ;) Only difference is the butterfly.


Have a great day, everyone!


  1. haha how do I get a job...oh wait, damn ocean, ah well I guess I will just have to continue doing what I do....and thats being crippled :D

  2. Just dig a tunnel through the Earth's core.
    You know how long it will take to travel from ANY point to ANY other point doing that? 42 minutes! I am not making that up, :D

    It's SCIENCE!


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